Monday, November 14, 2011

Paying it forward :-)

P1050032I feel lucky who can comfort others with my work, and organize my yarn and fabrics at the same time :-)
I get so much joy out of my work, and it is a pleasure to pay it forward to children in need.

These 2 small afghans are to preemie children - sent in today.
I am now out of wool yarn, for now :-)

P1050029This afghan is done by Tunisian crochet + crochet border.
Tunisian crochet was hard on my arms, and I liked to to afghan #2, ordinary crochet, the best.


I was planning to stop doing care quilts for good now, but old habits die hard, or something like that ;-)
I still have fabrics suitable for the purpose, so I will keep on keeping on, but stop participating in sew-together meetings, other than in my own local guild. We are a nice group in my guild, meeting a couple of times autumn and spring.

I like the thought of paying it forward, and so like the fact that I can pay it forward anonymously, so no one owes me anything in return, not even a thank you :-)
I like that very much!


I am not out of fabrics in a long long time yet :-)
My beloved Japanese fabrics and Civil War fabrics will not go in to care quilts though.


heartsonstringMay the love hidden deep inside your heart
find the love waiting in your dreams.
May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow
wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays.



  1. Kjempe fine! Du er så flink og til stor inspirasjon :o)

  2. Os teus trabalhos são muito lindos

    Sou do Brasil e estou começando a costurar agora.


  3. That's a lovely thought, Hanne, you are a good example. These care quilts must give great comfort and pleasure to the recipients.

  4. Lovely post, Hanne. It is a wonderful, loving gesture on your part to make these afghans and little quilts.
    Making them all annonoumously... that's a wonderful point you make. I agree with Barbara; you are a good example. Thank you for sharing.
    Your afghans are really pretty!


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