Thursday, March 01, 2012

Scandinavian Christmas - restarted

P1050569I have restarted Scandinavian Christmas, and am ready to do applique on block # 1 :-)

What happened, you might ask.
Water happened…….. out of this world stretching happened………

SC disaster

You might also remember that I used Transfer-Eze for the stitchery. I have used several packets of it, and it has always worked very well with all fabrics I have used so far.
I had finished all the stitchery on block # 1, done a fair amount of stitchery on block # 2, and also started the stitchery on block # 3.

Happy as a lark I was ready to start the applique and rinsed the Transfer-Eze off block # 1, and you can see what happened……….
The fabric stretched beyond belief…….
I have tried to stretch a lot and press a lot - after the photo taken - but still the fabric is not as smooth and un-wrinkled as I would want it.

I have done some research after, and the fabric is 70/30 linen cotton, and what Lynette has used in her quilt.

The problem is the fabric and water.
The weave of the fabric is such that the fabric is very stretchy and when wet the it gives a lot.
I am sure you will be fine if you keep away from the Transfer-Eze (or the equivalent Solvy product) so you do not have to rinse the stitchery before it is done and quilted.


Oh well - shit happens, and instead of giving up, I am determined to make this quilt anyway!
Obstacles are just steep learning curves, right ?

This time - 100 % cotton fabric!
No more blended fabric for stitchery for me! The fabric I had is thrown out.
Miss Cat loves it when I do hand work - she is good company on the sewing table :-)

Got to go - have catching up to do :-)




  1. Oh what a pity! And oh how lucky that I didn't restart my block using the same product yet. My fabric is linen. (I made the block 2 on a block 3 piece = too small so I'm going to stitch it again.)
    So we will just take some more time to finish thet work.

  2. koselige sting å arbeide med dette ;)

    mine er ferdige men eg mangler litt kant - som kommer ein gang - kansje ;)

    håper alt er bra med dere - monikaklemma

  3. Så bra at du kom igang igjen. Jeg var litt bekymret, for det er ikke noe gøy å oppleve noe sånn. Stor klem.

  4. man! what a bummer that your fabric messed's going to be so pretty!

  5. Ååååå, så ergelig..!!..
    Men tross alt, godt du oppdaget det såpass tidlig, og ikke hadde sydd ferdig alle blokkene...selv om det er surt uansett..
    Godt du har pågangsmot...jeg tror jeg hadde puttet det langt inn i skapet...


  6. Comiserations on the ruined stitching,this happened to me when red embroidery thread (not DMC) ran when I accidentally splashed my embroidery with water and red leaked everywhere I had to re-trace all the blocks and start all over again.Hope these blocks turn out ok for you this time,nothing is more frustrating than a product letting you down in the middle of a project to shoot your mojo down :( Barb.

  7. How disappointing when something like that happens after all the hours of work that has gone into the project.

  8. Good for you for sticking with it anyway. It's beautiful and perhaps the stitching will be quicker the second time around? Maybe stitching kitty would have liked a pillow from the mess-up stitchery?

  9. Oh, Hanne, I am so sorry to hear what happened to your fabric. So dissapointing. But... I LOVE your attitude. No keeping you down, right?! You go girl. You'll catch up. Perservere.
    What a sweet quilting assistant you have perched on your sewing table. Hugs to you!

  10. Godt å vite. Jeg skal sy en quilt av Leannes Beasley fra Vignette hvor det er brukt en type stoff til broderidelen som er myk og ligner på lin.Da får jeg gå for bomullstoff i tilfelle quilten en gang må vaskes.Tranzfere Eze er kjekt og har hittil fungert fint på bomullsstoffer.

  11. Oh it is awful when that happens.... At least you were able to step away for a time and then get back on the horse......

    Thanks for the tip.... I will remember your problem and not do the same thing. I am sure that I will find some other error to make but that is part of learning....

  12. The stretched fabric is certainly a shame!! On a cat topic: What a fabulous tail your cat has!! I thought my cat had a thick tail but your cat's tail is much thicker.

  13. uff dette så ille ut. snømannløperen min skrukka seg veldig da jeg fukta den i kaldt vann, men jeg fikk strukket den i fasong med god hjelp av strykejernet og muskelkraft. Der var det underlaget til stitcheriet som trakk seg sammen.


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