Saturday, June 09, 2012

Things to be grateful for :-)

P1060554This last week my body and my head has been sooo out of sync.
I have not been able to follow up on my sewing plans or my blogging plans - or other plans for that matter.
Living with a body made of 2nd sort parts is starting to take a higher toll than before.
It feels like the battery charger is not working so well all days.
Some periods the charger works pretty well, and other periods it is working very off and on - mostly off - like now.

I must say, in spite of the partly defect battery charger, I am feel like I am living a good life after all :-)
Even if I more often than before is sort of meeting myself in the swing door, if you know what I mean, I feel like I have a lot of thing to be grateful for :-)

P1060555Done over the last days.

I am enjoying my fabrics daily, whether I am sewing or not. Folding them can also give great joy :-)
The same goes for my books and magazines!

I am not a natural talent for English paper piecing, since my hands also are affected by the low battery charging, but after the glue pen came into my life the process is not so hard on the hands. If you have not tried to glue baste, you should - fast and fun :-)

P1060556Stitchery is never wrong, whether it is in the early morning with my beloved morning coffee, any time of the day, or on the go. I am soon seeing the half way mark for the 32 Life Is Beautiful blocks - 20 to go - of which 2 is partly done :-)

P1060557Done over the last days.

P1060559I am doing some small crochet as well - to add to the owls :-)
I do enjoy crochet without a pattern. Free-crochet is fun!


Miss Cat, the great mouse killer is having a rest - she has been busy in the neighbourhood fixing up with mice lately. She eats them too - yuk - I have watched her……
Yes, I know that is what cats are supposed to do :-)

P1060405We like the fact that she is keeping the mice under control (and preferably outdoors)

I have great friends, and I am part of a sewing group that every week is bringing smiles to my face and joy to my heart - thank you all of you - you know who you are :-)

I am able to visit my favourite quilt shop every so often - what is not to like about that!

When I start thinking about the good things in my life, I do really have a lot to be grateful for!
I am keeping all the good things close to heart and letting other things go -
that is my plan, and I am sticking to it :-)

It is time to fill a glass with cold white wine - life is good :-)



  1. Godt å se at du er i gang igjen! LiB er nydelig :-)

  2. Så mange fineting, Hanne, til tross for at kroppen ikke samarbeider helt... Håper bedre dager med ladete batterier er rett rundt hjørnet ;-)

  3. For eit vakkert og tankefullt innlegg, eg tek det til meg! Artig med papirsyinga di, kanskje fleire skulle prøve på nytt?
    Ønskjer deg god betring og ein fin sommar!

  4. Anonymous12:00 am

    Det er så kjekt å lese bloggen din og du er jamen produktiv til tross for darlig kropp innimellom. Det er flott at du klarer å stå på og tenke på det gode og gjøre det beste ut av dette. Gleder meg til kurs i Bergen, selv om det er lenge til.
    Hilsen Astri i Bergen

  5. Life is good Hanne....and all your projects are just gorgeous...

  6. Life is good! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Your post really is close to my heart. I, too, deal with multiple health issues - since I was 38-years-old and fabric is my comforter and stress reliever. And, even on the days I can't sew, I fold my fabric. Just touching it and looking at it gives me pleasure. When my grown son sees me in the floor folding my fabric I just tell him I'm "playing" and he just smiles. Take care! :)

  8. Takk for dype tanker og ord. Håper sommeren gjør deg godt etter hvert. LiB blir en extra fin quilt! Hexagon-blomstene dine er så vakre,gleder meg til å følge deg. Skal lære meg å hekle snart!! Elsker ugler :-) God bedring i tiden fremover.

  9. Likte godt den vesle Kitty-en, lurer på om du vil legge ut ei lita oppskrift til den?? Eller finst det link til oppskrifta?

  10. I would love to start the "Life is Beautiful" quilt...I just love those little stitcheries!

  11. Hanne, I am so pleased to see your beautifil projects as they are so inspirational. I have Fibromyalgia and I need to pace myself. Fatigue, lethargy and pain come and go and stitching brings me much joy as do all my patchwork friends in my local group as well as in cyberspace. I can certainly understand your thoughts that have been expressed so lovingly. I do not know what your health problem is but I do know that a sense of humour and appreciation for all the good things in life certainly help recovery. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I absolutely love and adore your works. You inspired me to sew even more:). he owls are juts lovely. Kisses and hugs.

  13. Have always admired your work.


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