Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tour de Fibre - day 11

P1060684I must admit I do so enjoy doing the whimsy cross stitches around the Scandinavian Christmas blocks, so I am done with all the cross stitches on the block from yesterday, and have now prepared the next block :-)

I am the lucky owner of a small light box. Its previous life was in a bank, to light through bills.
I would love to have a bigger light box, but that will not happen before this one gives up.


I place the pieces of my quilt
In order and design.
The path it takes, the love it makes
Forever will be mine.

-Jan Rank,



  1. Så gøy at du liker korsstingsbordene så godt. Jeg er egentlig litt lei av de korsstíngene, synes jeg har sydd haugevis av dem, og det har jeg også.
    Skal bli gøy å se din SC ferdig.

  2. You and May bBitt are always so busy and get so much done! Thanks for sharing on the tour!

  3. The cross stitch border can be a little boring but you can also find it soothing.

  4. Great progress on your SC. I am using my sewingmachine board as lightbox.

  5. Flott Hanne, jeg også, korsting er gøy !! Good Luck videre med SC :-)
    (det går litt sakte med meg da.)


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