Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tour de Fibre - Day 15 - a busy day

P1060696You may know that I Love dragonflies - in real life and in all kind of things :-)
The sashiko kit I bought in New York in April, at The City Quilter, and the cookie cutter I bought at The Blue Gate Bakery in Shipshewana, Indiana.


We have celebrated DD2's 21st birthday today, and she made this wonderful French chocolate cake herself. She is a lovely young lady - I am very proud of her in every way!


We also had cinnamon rolls, and buns with and without raisins,

P1060704as well as multi flavoured jelly, served with vanilla custard and fresh berries.
It was a great birthday party with a full house of family, from age 8 months to 80 years.


Between baking and making house ready for guests, I have managed to get some threads in, on both the red cross stitches and some scrap thread crocheting
Luckily, tomorrow is another day in the quilt corner :-)

snoopy hug




  1. Hei, selvfølgelig er hun en vakker ung kvinne. Bare se hvem som er hennes mor.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter; you had delicious cake and buns and berries!
    Your hoop looks great and handy for small stitcheries.

  3. Happy birhday to Marit. Your cakes looks delicious.

    Just a few threads sewing a day, is also a progress.

  4. Lovely work Hanne. I have a lot of sewing to catch up on as well as blog reading. Like you I am a fan of dragonflies. Have you seen Laurel Burch's dragonfly fabric? I cut some out and made a decoupage picture combining paint and fabrics a while ago. I also have a jug I ought to share.


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