Friday, August 17, 2012

The best things in my life …….


are handmade -
like this wonderful angel I got as a gift from May Britt recently.
Miss Angel is watching over my sewing corner every day.

P1060889P1060888- like these gorgeous hand painted buttons I got as a surprise gift from Yvonne
I am in awe for the wonderful miniature details. The star is only 1 5/8" big.

P1060881P1060882It is so nice when I have request sewing from my loved ones - DD2 wanting to give her cousin a toiletry purse like her own, and me having the pleasure of sewing it, with fabrics picked by DD2 in my fabric collection.
She picked a lovely lining too, and I think it was a good thing to do, to have the best fabric as a lining.
There will always be other "best fabrics" in my sewing corner, all the time, why not just use them :-)

DD2 has bought good things for her cousin, to put in the purse, to make a wonderful girlie birthday gift :-)


I am so in to this project - even if I did not expect myself to have the perseverance to keep on keeping on at this project only (more or less) for 3 weeks.
I am not working equally fast on the blocks all the time though, but I am getting there - aiming at finishing all the applique blocks before long.


Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.



  1. I am glad you like the brooch, Hanne. I love doing small things and am not great with large ones.
    May Britt has made you such a cute angel. The toiletries bag looks lovely-- it is nice when your children want you to make something and are involved with choosing colours etc. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Pretty toiletry purse, lovely choice of fabrics!

  3. Enjoy your little guardian sewing angel :) It watches over your stitches and stash .

  4. The angel is very nice !! and how beautiful are the gifts you received !!
    I like very much the purse you made... so romantic !!
    And I send you my best thoughts of support for your SKoW sitcheries !!

  5. hi Hanne, as always your blogvisit is worth every minute ;-)
    I love what you are making - most of all I'ld love to learn how to insert the zipper so nicely into the little bags ..... is there a tutorial somewhere???
    greetings from hot Southern Germany

  6. hi Hanne, your blog is always full of inspiration!!!
    I'ld love to know how to insert the zipper so perfect into the little bags you make. Is there a tutorial somewhere???
    hugs Brigitte
    from hot Southern Germany

  7. again, thank you for the late nigt lecture!

  8. Så fin toalettveske Hanne! Enkel og delikat!

  9. Nydelig arbeid du har både ferdig og underveis :-)Ønsker deg en deilig tur :-)

  10. Such cute buttons! I have bought the book now- it was your red shoe block which swung me. :-) What a lovely idea your DD had for a gift.


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