Thursday, October 11, 2012

Craft Olympic thimble # 2 + a challenge to self

P1070178Finishes are good, finishes are fun – and I have a plan :-)

This little preemie blanket will hopefully warm a little one soon.
I do not do charity quilts for the time being, but a little crochet blanket is nice to do every now and then, and they are donated to preemie babies at hospitals around the country through Amanda-prosjektet.

P1070171It did not take that much time to make the blocks I needed, as I already had 8 blocks done.
Sewing in all the threads took some time though.

P1070172This little blanket is now officially out of the Ufo pile and I am claiming another thimble in the Craft Olympic :-)
Not to forget – I am digging out another WISP – work in slow progress.

P1070168P1070175…. and another one………..

First I have challenged myself – I need 1 WISP finish every 2 weeks through the rest of the year!
WISPs are like cold coffee to me – it tastes like coffee, but it is not as good as fresh coffee.
I think  you know what I mean?
It is fun to start something new, and taste changes too, so I better get the WISPs done, to make room for new projects and more fun :-)
By the way – I have challenged May Britt too, and if you need a nugde, do not hesitate to join in. No lists kept, just inspiring each others to keep the momentum through blogging about what we are working on :-)

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  1. I'm sure your beautiful little blanket will be appreciated by a special baby. Good luck with your WISP goals.

  2. Great goals and I am in. Will start working on my next wisp in a short time.

  3. Your little blanket is lovely and will be cherished . Love the Rosie Quinlan stitchery you are doing. I also laughed when I read your comment about WISPs being like cold coffee! Great description.

  4. Beautiful things.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  5. Sweet little blanket well worth a thimble! Making the WISP list shorter is something I should concentrate on too.

  6. Well done Hanne. I dislike having unfinished business too. I think your goals are good ones. "Out with the old and in with the new" as Toad of Toad Hall would say.

    Sorry I am late to comment. I will add your 2nd Olympic Thimble now.


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