Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You can call me Cookie Monster :-)

P1070546Gift making
P1070558P1070569Cookie baking.
A second batch of sweet ginger bread cranberry cookies (the first half batch is already gone!) I tried baking with the hot air in my oven for the first time. Some of the cookies are a little well done, but the taste is excellent.
Knife cut cookies are not what my dear mother in law would call “pretty cakes”, but oh, so tasty! Better tasty than just pretty :-)
P1070548Savoury oatmeal crackers.
I must admit I love homemade crackers more than any store bought ones.
Seems like I am turning into a bake-it-yourself-person.
P1070561A gift to the house – a cover for the ugly fire starter cubes box. I have to make one less Christmassy too I guess.
P1070544P1070564P1070477Everything thoroughly supervised by Miss Cat – the sewing table (just quality checking the fabrics), the sewing (from above), and the shopping. Miss Cat loves it when the shopping arrives in paper bags :-)


  1. Her var det mye godt og mye fint!, du er flink, Hanne ! Og veldig effektiv. Fortsatt god uke!

  2. De kakene ser gode ut, men englene "ta kaka"

  3. Would love the recipes.


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