Thursday, April 18, 2013

Block mania

P1080173I have a true passion for blocks, no doubt about it :-)

I had to put some of my Just Plain Nuts blocks up on a small board, to show on Kathrines Quilte Stue’s inspiration evening.
I am teaching both Nearly Insane and Just Plain Nuts there through the autumn and next spring. I am so looking forward to it!
It is a sewing machine class (mostly), with sewing on foundation piecing paper (and some hand piecing maybe), but one can off course do all these blocks by hand if one has a drive for it.


These are the last 3 blocks I have finished – still a lot of piecing to do before I can call these blocks a quilt.

P1080174Kathrine is well stocked on templates for English paper piecing, and some mini templates came home with me. We are really talking mini, like a 1” clamshell.

P1080176The centre piece for the quilt from Sue’s class on Friday  is done, ready to be appliqued down, after I have taken out all the paper templates.

P1080178I find that I enjoy both English paper piecing and traditional hand piecing very very much.

Some projects lend themselves more to one method, and some projects lend themselves more to the other method.
Bottom line – the more you know and the more you learn, the more fun you will have :-)

My DH has been seriously ill lately, and I know nothing as soothing to the mind as to do hand work.
He is slowly on the mend now (I hope)
I think I am lucky to have the possibility to let my mind wander and rest, amongst fabric and thread!
If you have found me very absent minded lately, that’s why……





  1. Nydelege blokker! Helse Kjell god betring!

  2. Du e bare utrolig dyktig. Hadde jeg bodd der sør hadde jeg gått på dine kurs,thats for sure!!

  3. Vakkert,Hanne :-) Gøy at du fikk vist det frem hos Kathrine! Gleder meg til å se mer til quiten fra Sues fredagsklass også :))

  4. Sending warm positive thoughts for you and your DH.
    Your blocks look fabulous! I was able to get 12 done in Shipshe. AND not go shopping for any fabric!!!!
    Between your and May's blogs, I've been wondering if it would be possible to stitch the Life Is Beautiful blocks together and frame them with an English paper-piecing maze. What do you think?

  5. Blokkene er fantastisk flotte!
    God bedring til mannen din!

  6. I hope your DH keeps improving. And yes, I do understand the peace and relaxation stitching can bring.

  7. Blokkene dine er bare så flotte.

    Gi Kjell en klem fra meg og si god bedring.

  8. I love the inspiration.......and your beautiful blocks.

  9. Your blocks are so lovely and so precise! Wonderful!

    Wish your husband to get well soon!


  10. Å gosja meg sier jeg bare. Du er knallgod på blokker. Og så fantastisk fine! Engang må jeg på kurs hos deg også. ;o)

  11. Amazing projects Hanne! And sending positive healing thoughts your way for your husband. I'm sure this has been so hard for both of you. May he continue to mend, getting better each day.

  12. Your blocks are pretty nice!!

  13. Your blocks are looking lovely, I hope your DH is feeling better :) Barb.

  14. Oh my Hanne! Such wonderful projects. I can't believe you are doing Just Plain Nuts. I love English Paper Piecing as well. I missed your birthday. Hope you had a happy day!


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