Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sue Daley inspiration:-)


Sue Daley is back in Norway, and we ( May Britt and myself) was attending her trunk show in Tønsberg today. Åsne at Quiltefryd is making such a good fun out of the evening, with her positive attitude. Åsne also had brought a lot of goods for us to shop :-)


Sue is great, as always, and we are enjoying both her lecture and her quilts. Even if we have seen some of the quilts before, it is a pleasure to see them again.
You know, it is like meeting old friends, and sometimes you see new qualities in old friends, right?


The quilt is great, and Beryl’s pants is too, don’t you think? ;-)

P1080080P1080081P1080082P1080083P1080085P1080087P1080088P1080089P1080091See May Britt’s wonderful basket quilt – and May Britt’s quilt below


P1080093Here is another great quilt from the audience.

I should have written about how nice it was to meet Åsne, Sue and Sue’s husband.
I should have taken photos at the pizza place with lovely Marianne and the very nice ladies from Bergen.
I should have written about the nasty weather we (I !!) drove here in – April snow.
I should have written about warming hugs with old friends, and happy talks with possible new friends.

good night garfield

I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s class – more photos then :-)



  1. It's so wonderful to share your own creation with the designer.....have fun at your class.

  2. I just saw a lot of these photos on another blog from Norway - I love designs by Sue Daley - she is wonderful. thanks for sharing the photos - I have one book of hers and need to get more, I love her quilts.

  3. Takk Hanne for flotte bilder av show and tell kvelden sammen med Sue! Vakre og helt unike quilts.
    Gleder meg til kurset hennes på lørdag, vi sees:-)

  4. Lucky you! I love Sue's quilts :D

  5. So wonderful quilts.

    Grit from Germany

  6. Du verden der var det myyye fint :-)

  7. have a wonderful time in the class.........Hi to Sue.....

  8. Heldige dere! Håper vi får se henne i Trondheim til høsten. Nydelige teppper!


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