Sunday, May 19, 2013

Enjoy the little things in life

P1080568Many small pieces into a 6” block – 154 pieces to be exact – yes I am still Just Plain Nuts!

P1080569I do enjoy making these blocks, but it is a lot of work¨to get them as accurate as I like :-)

P108056617. May we celebrate Constitution Day here in Norway, and it is a big family celebration through the day.
Everybody wear their best clothes, and if you own a bunad (national costume), this is the day to wear it.
DD2 and I had to be a little silly with the camera – it was fun :-)

P1080560P1080559P1080565enjoy the little thingsHanne


  1. You are doing great with your blocks. Look forward to see it finished.

    And the bunad is so beautiful. So fun to see all the different bunads on May

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  3. Dette blir et vakkert teppe, Hanne.
    Ei flott jente i en flott bunad.

  4. I think your block of little pieces is magnificent. Your daughter looks wonderful.

  5. such a pretty costume, I have seen several blogs from Norway today with people dressed in them - such a lovely tradition you have.

  6. Your national dresses are very beautiful, and it is great to have a tradition for wearing them.
    The blocks are stunning, the quilt will be so lovely.

  7. The national dress your daughter is wearing is so beautiful!

    And those blocks wiht 154 pieces... each one must have taken hours to complete. It's going to be stunning when it's finished.

  8. The costume is beautiful! I wonder what would be our national costume here? Hmmmmmm.

  9. Hanne, your Just Plain Nuts blocks are sensational. Your daughter looks so beautiful in her national dress.

  10. these blocks are appropriate named, Hanne! your work is amazing. Love the photo of your daughter but where is your picture? May Britt showed us hers!

  11. Your daughter's national costume (and daughter too!) is beautiful! I like how you captured the flag in the background of the photos too! Cheers! Evelyn


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