Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A lovely evening with Rosemary Youngs’ quilts

P1000431Thursday evening at the top floor in the Davis Mercantile building in Shipshewana, Rosemary Youngs, the author of several lovely quilt books and a dear Dear Jane friend, gave a lecture on her quilting life and her quilts, assisted by her daughter Amy + Mike + Elaine Frey.

P1000434Rosemary’s first quilt – a beautiful whole cloth!


P1000444P1000443Great backside!

P1000445P1000447P1000449P1000451Rosemary’s Dear Jane quilt – gorgeous (6” blocks)



What a lovely evening, filled with Rosemary’s beautiful quilts, laughter, friendship and love!
I do have all her books and I am looking forward to the one she is publishing in 2014 too!


Our lives are like quilts –
bits and pieces, joy and sorrow,
stitched with love.



  1. This show and tell was amazing. The more I look at them, the more I want to sew blocks :)

  2. the more I see of yours and May`s blogs the more envious and jealous I have become, what an amazing time you must have had and these quilts are georgeous. I see the DJ one is 6" blocks not 4.5", wonder if I could manage that size, I struggled and afraid gave up with the tiny ones, will get the book out again in the new year.


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