Saturday, November 02, 2013

Rewinding 4 weeks–Quiltefryd, Tønsberg

P1000328Time has passed so fast this last month, and I do have some blog catch up to do.

P1000330My friend Eva invited me to spend a day at her house and we had a trip to Quiltefryd in Tønsberg. They have just changed location, and the new shop is so nice!


I hope you have enjoyed the photos, and if you have the chance you should visit the shop as soon as you can.



Eva generously gave me a bag full of apples from her garden and I have had an urge for home made apple sauce.


2 kgs of apples, very slow cooking, adding as little sugar as possible = the very best apple sauce.
I am still enjoying it every day for breakfast – it tastes like sunshine, sort of  :-)




  1. I love homemade applesauce and have not made any this year yet - I need to do that soon.
    I love the quilt shop so pretty and light - it is nice to see a quilt shop in another country and see they decorate and place items a lot like they do here - quilters think alike :)

  2. this looks like a wonderful shop, unfortunately I have no quilt shops near me, I would love to spend a few hours browsing in a place like this.
    Apple sauce looks very tasty

  3. That was a lovely thing to do with all those apples. I once had the same thing happen to me and I enjoyed the gift for many months over Greek yoghurt. Hope you are feeling better soon. xx debbie

  4. Må nok komme meg til Quiltefryd og se den nye butikken. Her var det masse fint.


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