Sunday, December 08, 2013

Shipshewana Friday night Show & Tell–part 3

Some of the quilts in the Show & Tell have such touching stories about the making process and the quilt maker that I always feel I leave the room with a gift to big for words.
One quilt touched us all in a very special way this year.

I will not name the quilt or the maker, but you know who you are,
and I am hereby sending you a big hug!
I am  happy to know you!

(ps. the quilt is shown in one of the earlier Show & Tell posts)




  1. thanks for sharing! I always thought the retreat was just about Dear Jane quilts but I have learned that it is more than that - thanks so much for the show and tell it has been nice to look at all the quilts.

  2. so many beauties and such a variety there must have been lots and lots of you at the retreat

  3. Hei!! Massenydelig, men spesielt den grå/beige med alle blomsterpottene/kurver , japanske stoffer!!
    Mye flinke folk!! AnneK:-)

  4. Sooooo many beautiful quilts. Do you know if the Scarecrow and pumkins quilt is an available pattern? Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  5. Soooooooo many beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing all the photos. Would have been a special event to see. Do you know if the scarecrow and pumpkins quilt/wall hanging is an available pattern. I love it.


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