Sunday, January 12, 2014

A busy week - and Happy Sunday sewing :-)

At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to finish 5 Ufos / Wisps before starting anything new.
Yesterday I finished this quilt, a Buggy Barn design – Finish # 4 -  and I am very happy with the result.


The quilt measures 130 cm x 180 cm, and I have machine quilted it myself, on my domestic machine. Straight lines on both sides of the block joining seams, around the outer heart on both sides + meandering the borders.



Every January my frugal genes kicks in ;-)
I guess it is the December abundance that wants a balance.
I have been baking bread and bread rolls from scratch


+ made jelly and jam from left over grapes and apples. You know, when the grape skins starts getting tougher and not so crisp, and the apples looks “boring”.
I do not eat much fresh fruit myself – raw fruit often gives me a tummy ache, but as soon as they have been cooked or baked, I can have them.
Nothing is as nice for breakfast as homemade jam on the oatmeal or the toast.
Above is grape jelly, made from both blue and green grapes.


My late mother had this nifty apple slicer – it makes apple sauce so quick to prepare.
Just peel and slice.
I think it is from when I was a baby, or even older.


I cook my jam on low heath and do not add sugar before the last minutes.
The fresh smell of simmering fruit is nice in the house – like vitamins in the air  :-)


We have started to tear down the (only) bathroom in the house.
Well – DH is tearing, I am cheering (and serving coffees)  ;-)
New wall paper, new shower cabinet and new vanity is in the near future now.


Guardian Angel

This guardian angel is my 5th finish this year, and it really gives me a chance to start something new, if I want, but I find that I feel like keeping on keeping on with Ufos and Wisps!

I will try to alternate between small and big projects, and the blocks below is my next big project.
All the squares are cut (I think), and all the stitcheries ( 32 ) are long done.

Focus project # 2

I think the original design is to busy, so I plan to make my quilt calmer.

LIB book

I will not set a time limit in public, but I have one in my head – I wonder if I can make it?


never run faster



  1. Wow. You are finishing those UFO's. Love the heart quilt. Maybe I will start another project! Hope you are cozy and warm.

  2. you are certainly busy! I too can not eat all fresh fruit - thankfully I can eat apples and bananas with no problem but grapes - although I love them give me a stomach ache

  3. Du ligger ikke akkurat på latsiden... Håper badet kommer på plass rimlig fort,- det er "litt" slitsomt å være uten :)
    Hjerte teppet ditt ble kjempefint, det har vært litt jobb med quiltingen av det også.
    Du må ha en fin uke!

  4. Hjerteteppet ble delikat og lekkert, og nydelig quilret! Bare en UFO igjen, så har du nådd målet ditt :)

  5. Hvor er det fin hjerte tæppet ;)
    Må jeg spørge hvor mønstret stammer fra .


  6. Hei!! Så flink du er som gjør ferdig ufoer!! Jeg lager bare nye!! AnneKari:-)

  7. I agree, it's nice to start the year somewhat leaner than December. Your finished ufo's are great....well done.

  8. I love your guardian angel. I wish the urge or determination to finish things was catching.
    I seem to have an ever growing pile. However I actually did some hand sewing a couple of nights ago. Maybe there is hope! Keep up the good work.

  9. Oh my goodness. You have done quite a bit already. Love the heart quilt and the angel. That quilt with the stitcheries will be lovely. I think I shall look for that pattern myself. I also like that quilt on the wall next to your bathroom. Hope the renovation is going well. As for all the fruit I can only eat fruit away from other foods about an hour for proper digestion unless it is mushy like in a smoothie. Apparently, we should all eat fruit separately according to food combining. Angel hugs.

  10. I go through the same feelings every January. Fantastic job with the finishes!

  11. love the guardian angel, quilt is lovely and took a peek at the one on the wall outside your bathroom which I also liked.Jam looks very tasty and the bread rolls will taste wonderful with some of that spread on them

  12. Nybakt med syltetøy, topp godt :-) flotte BuggBarn hjerter , Hanne , og engelen er jo så vakker! Kos deg i vinterkulda.

  13. Skal si du er driftig :). Lekkert Buggy Barn Crazy Hearts-teppe, som alt annet du syr. Lykke til med oppussing av badet.

  14. For en pangstart i det nye året! Jeg er imponert over at du allerede har ferdifstilt flere ting. Og så lekkert teppe da! Hils Gunn;)

  15. Great finishes. It is a great feeling when you have a finish.


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