Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you and yours, wherever you are!


New Year always marks a change and emphasizes the choices we have to make new choices.

2013 had some very good days and some very bad days, but all in all I will look back and say, yes, it was a good year altogether, filled with quilts, friendships, love and family.

I am not really a resolution kind of lady, but I have decided to be more aware of putting something good in to every day!
It is good for me, and we all need some sparkle in our everyday life.

Miss Cat sends her greetings too, and is happy that most of the house is back to normal.
The house quilter is back in the Quilt Corner, the strange tree is out – why do these humans plant trees indoors anyway – and the scary New Year celebration is done.


Miss Cat is happy some of these humans puts their gifts in boxes, and she thinks this box can stay!



My last finish for 2013 was finished 10 minutes to midnight.
DH did not feel well and went to bed early, and I had a quiet time by myself, with my crochet lace, a glass of good wine and some nice programs on TV.
Miss Cat needed company when all the fireworks were making a lot of noise, light and smell outdoors through the evening and especially around midnight.

This handkerchief prepared for crochet lace has been around in my things since very early 1980s, and I have often thought I should make one for formal occasions.
The day before New Years Eve I could have used one for a funeral.
I also think these lace hankies looks nice in weddings – I am a soft person :-)
I have a soft spot for beautiful useful things too.


This is the first finish in 2014 – a pouch for my Apliquick tools.
I got a kit for a pompadour a couple of years back, and I planned to make a pompadour,
but a wrong cut with the rotary cutter made the front to narrow for my taste, so I thought why not make a case for my sunglasses…..
Well – the road sometimes changes during the trip, so I ended up cutting a little more, adding a zipper and make a tool pouch.
A happy choice if you ask me!
These tools were fun to use and will be used often. I bought them in Nantes, France, in April, from the inventor herself. You can look them up on YouTube if you are curious.
PS. My local shop Trådsnella carries them too  :-)


ufo 2014

For a while I have had an urge to gather all my Ufos and Work In Slow Progress.
Here they are, all of them! The pile of boxes + the quilt rack with 2 finished tops.
Maybe not so bad after all ? ;-)



12 ufos 2014

I belong to a very nice online sewing group and the challenge for 2014 is to finish 12 Ufos.
Finish some more in 2-0-1-4

Having picked my 12 projects this morning I realized I have “only” 5 more boxes.
Wouldn’t that be a good goal – to half the pile of boxes ?

I need to do some JPN blocks too, some DJ blocks, and a lot of this and that.

Only 3 days into the new year – I think it will be a good one!



goals 4



  1. One UFO per month seems like an attainable goal. I think I will join you since my 7 UFO's are large quilts. I do admire your system for organizing them individually. Will be cheering you on in 2014!

  2. Fint, du inspirerer meg også til å komme litt på vei med UFOene mine! Godt Nytt Sy År 2014, Hanne :))

  3. Best wishes for a wonderful 2014

  4. Lurt med en eske til hvert prosjekt. Spennende å se etterhvert som du blir ferdig. Godt nytt år til deg også.

  5. Wishing you a creative and happy 2014. Your ufo's look interesting, I hope you work your way through them. Funny that Miss Cat didn't like the tree, my little dog thought it was a fabulous idea to have a tree inside.

  6. You have heaps of projects on the go just like me. May the year bring you an abundace of all good things and plenty of time to stitch. A cuddle for your beautiful cat too.

  7. sounds a good idea to get some of those UFO`s out of the way and complete.Think you were lucky Mr Cat did not climb into the tree and find all the decorations great play toys.

  8. Jeg skal ha 2014 som et gjøre ferdig UFOer år jeg også. Ihvertfall prøve å få ferdig masser av det som allerede er nesten ferdig.

  9. Godt nytt år!
    Du imponerer med UFO-oversikt :) Mine uferdige prosjekter har en tendens til å havne både her og der...


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