Monday, January 20, 2014

I’m going for gold–I’m going Olympic


I Love a challenge – in fact I thrive on challenges in the Quilt Corner :-)
I am not really the most competitive person, unless I compete with myself, but I am good at challenging myself.

You may remember I made 2 piles of my Ufos at the beginning of the month?
One pile was with bigger projects and one pile was with smaller projects.

It really looks like my passion is with the bigger projects – Yes :-)

So far this month I have finished 1 Ufo from the bigger projects pile (the Buggy Barn heart quilt)  and 4 from the small Ufos pile.

Even if finishing all the small projects seems like a good way to get the Finish count up,
I sort of get stuck with all the big projects at the end of the year.
Well – my plan this year is to alternate and to aim for an average of 1 big finish a month.

The 2014 Winter Olympic is coming up in 18 days, 7. February.
and I found that it is a good thing to challenge myself to some big finishes.

Above is the 5 projects I have picked for myself, aiming for at least 1 big finish and moving the other 4 projects forward before the Olympics ends at 23, February.
Shhhh – whispering in a low voice – maybe I can manage to finish 2 big projects – shhhhh  ;-)

1st Priority is the light blue Life Is Beautiful quilt.


I am officially going in to training camp today,
knowing that all good victories starts with both mental and physical training :-)




  1. I might get a lot more hand work done with the Olympics coming up, frequently during the time period I like to just sit in the living room and stitch while watching - the quilting on the frame can take a break.

  2. I wish you luck with your challenge Hanne and hope you win gold!! :)

  3. Cheering you on from afar through training camp and the Olympics!

  4. I'm joining you in training camp and are aiming for gold too:)

  5. You are so organised and motivated! Wish I could get so many UFOs finished.

  6. This will be so fun to read your about your progress on your quest for gold. Will be cheering both you and May Britt on as you strive for gold.
    Hugs - Karen

  7. best of luck with your UFO`s fingers crossed you win a gold

  8. Both you and My Britt are amazing...

  9. Go for gold!
    I will follow you and May Britt,


  10. Ambisiøst, men det klarer du :-) Lykke til!
    Hm - jeg kan vel forsøke å gjøre ferdig min LIB også, det er ikke så mye igjen...

  11. So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  12. Love this idea that you and May Britt are doing! Think I'll quietly join you - have started pulling fabrics!

  13. Good on you. I have no doubt that you will get those projects done.


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