Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goals are good :-)


If you remember that I was working on Some Kind of Wonderful quilt a couple of years back (and a little in between), you are so right!

I still have the 2 more complex applique blocks to go, then joining, machine quilting and binding, and in my not so simple head I now think I can do it all through March.
I may come to regret that goal, but at least it is a goal.
If I fail in March, there is always April…….

Wouldn’t it be great to have this quilt done for show and tell when Anni Downs come in May…… yes, yes, yes!


I treated myself to Anni’s last book from Quiltmania recently – it is cute :-)

I have some other goals too – I am not sure if I should name them, but these are amongst them ;-)


Should keep me out of trouble for a while!





  1. Good luck with your 'Some Kind of Wonderful' Quilt. With that and your beautiful 'Angels Story' Quilt you are going to have lots to take to show and tell with Anni Downs! :)

  2. I'm sure you will have it finished in March if you focus on it and nothing else. Just look what happened with your previous quilt - Angel's Story.

  3. it looks like you and May are going to the same place - I have not heard of this Anni that you are going to see in a couple months but I will look her up on line -- the quilt is really nice - cute applique

  4. Love this quilt. I'm doing it myself, but still have the last two columns to complete. I'm sure you will be able to complete it in little time, justa a couple of blocks and that's it. Congratulations on such a beautiful work!

  5. Mye flott du viser fram. Du er jo nesten i mål. Det er vel slik de fleste har det tenker jeg. Ha en fin kveld.

  6. I am sure you will be able to get this finished for when Anni visits...........it's looking great........and only 2 blocks to make..........maybe you would like to share a post on the SAL blog to show the girls what you have done........

  7. Vakre,flotte quilts, sy sakte,men sikkert, du bilir ferdig, lenge til 8 mai :)) gleder meg til å se det ferdig! Så fine blokker i forrige post også.

  8. knowing you are going to a class with Annie will help you finish your quilt, I know it will look wonderful

  9. Enda et flott prosjekt som snart er ferdig, ser jeg... For ferdig blir du nok snart :-)


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