Monday, April 28, 2014

Scraps and life and all that


Life has been giving me some health scraps lately, and as the quilter I am my solution is to make quilt blocks ;-)
Hand piecing is quiet and comforting and let the mind flow in a good way.
Even a troublesome body sort of goes away for the duration.

2014-04-21 17.42.14
I also love the way a hand piecing project is so easy to move with me, both indoors and outdoors.
The weather forecast says that the lovely warm weather is leaving now, so it is good to have enjoyed it while it lasted. This year we got summer in April – I hope we get some summer in summer too.

2014-04-24 19.26.27

I celebrated my birthday teaching last week, and I was given a wonderful surprise party!
What a treat – the very very best chocolate cake ever – and the birthday song to go with it.
Thank you ever so much you wonderful people – I am very touched :-)

My dear husband is taking me to the theatre and out for fine dining with some friends of ours on Wednesday – it is his birthday gift to me and my birthday gift to him too.
Good moments and happy memories lasts forever!


Time to pull out one of the many Ufos and move it forward.
I enjoyed sorting the pieces and re-starting this one. I know there are a lot of other projects which should have had priority, but this one is my choice for now.


When I started this quilt about 1 year back, I planned to work very organized, using my Log Cabin ruler, pre-cut and sub cut the strips and all that.

Well – my mind does not work like that, and it sort of takes away my creativity to pre-think everything. I am somewhat impressed with those who can work so organized  (or maybe not) – on the other hand I accept myself for who I am and who I am not……
So, I went back to do scrappy my favourite way, scrappy, random in a planned way, as I work along.
It sure put the F back in Fun!
I wonder if more of my Ufos stalled for somewhat the same reason……...Have to look into that as I go along…..


15 blocks done – 20 to go :-)





  1. God bedring! Godt du har evne til å koble ut plagene med håndsøm og gleden over solstreif :-) Klem

  2. Og gratulerer med dagen :-)

  3. I love your piecing blocks at the beginning of your post That looks like the same hexagon size as is used for the Patchwork of the Crosses or is it longer? Really like the pattern

  4. Happy Birthday. Special moments are the best gifts. Your EPP looks great, excellent for meditation. I always feel a little thrill when I see snippets of familiar fabrics on a blog from the other side of the world.

  5. Happy Birthday Hanne and Husband. The cake looks yummy! And I love the log cabin blocks. Enjoy dinner and the theater.

  6. Those log cabin blocks are lovely. Keep making them the way you have been. Love your handpieced blocks, especially the fabrics you have chosen. I understand what you are saying about stitching helping you when you are unwell. It keeps me sane and takes my mind off pain sometimes . It's when the medication kicks in and I can't focus that I have to put the stitching down LOL.

  7. first of all belated birthday wishes, the cake looks yummy. Love what you are doing with the EPP, I so agree they are great to pick up and stitch together wherever you are. Like the fabrics used in the log cabin, I am sure you will be sharing a photo of it finished soon

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  9. Hei Hanne! Jeg prøver igjen med en finger! Gleder meg over å se alt det fine du holder på med. Jeg kan ikke sy selv for tiden, og da er det utrolig fint å se hva andre skaper av lekre stoff. Håper formen kommer seg raskt slik at jeg kan prøve meg på litt håndsøm neste uke. Ha en fin dag.

  10. I love your EPP! such adorable blocks~ Enjoy the good weather :)


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