Saturday, May 17, 2014

All those happy dreams!


After the lovely day with Anni Downs, I had to look through my Anni-patterns and books, and start one of my favourites – the angel table topper :-)
Of to my local shop Trådsnella to purchase a gorgeous soft pink fabric for the border and backing + DMC embroidery floss for the stitchery.


Usually I do use embroidery floss from my own boxes, but Anni’s colour choice is so nice, I thought I might as well just follow instructions this time – not my strongest side you know :-)


I think I have all of Anni’s books and I treasure them very much :-)  They are bought both here in Norway and from overseas Australia through many years.

I like the way Anni does her drawings – sort of primitive with a sophisticated touch -  her cute and wise sayings and lately also the fact that she does all her quilts herself – every stitch.
I like the diversity – even if you can see who has done the designs they are different in every book.
I have a lot of Anni’s designs on my dreaming-about-doing-list – happy dreams indeed!

I had the pleasure of showing Anni my angel quilt.It was a proud moment!
I have not seen anyone posting photos of the whole quilt from the show and tell, so I am posting a photo from this winter, when is was done.


I wish every day had more hours I could use here in Quilt Corner –
wouldn’t  that had been gorgeous ?





  1. I have all of Anni's books too and a big 'day dreaming about doing' list of projects from them!! Love your beautiful finished quilt, the colours are fabulous!! :)

  2. I always love your stitchery - do you trace the design to your fabric with a pencil? I know the thread will cover whatever you use but wondered. I want to start a stitchery sometime this year but of course have not started, making too many finishes

  3. Those fabrics you have chosen are very pretty and I love the threads too. It is always fun starting a new project that you look forward to doing. Your Angel Story quilt is beautiful.

  4. Hanne you do know how to have fun. Happy stitching on your latest project. And thank you for the Anni Downs trunk show.

  5. That would be gorgeous! I'm enjoying a relaxing day stitching here too.

  6. very special to be able to show Anni your quilt.....I have most of her books too...only a couple missing......yes it is great she still does all her stitches.....not outsourcing....her designs develop as she goes along.......can't wait to see her next weekend as ask about her big trip......she will probably be jet lagged when I catch up with her......

  7. Your angel quilt looks wonderful. I have most of Anni's books too and have made lots of her designs. I would like to do the angel quilt one day!

  8. Englequilten din er vakker, Hanne:-)
    For en super dag vi hadde med Anni!

  9. Anni is one of my favourites, and of have all those books too. Your quilt is beautiful in blue. Enjoy all that lovely stitching.

  10. Your Angel quilt is really beutiful. I hope to make it one day for my granddaughter.

  11. all those wonderful books and I have only managed to get my hands on one, found it at the quilt show on saturday Some kind of wonderful, seems we can only get the patterns these days.

  12. -Ditt engleteppe er det vakreste av alle :-)

  13. Sååå himla skoj att se det färdigt!!! Grattis! :0)


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