Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to make nice foundation paper pieced stars


When I made these stars for the Gossip in the Garden quilt I had many questions how I did it.

Here goes:


I used my EQ7 program to draw the sections for easy printing.
I am sorry to say that my scanner is not in a good mood these days, so I can not upload this drawing for you, but you can easily photo copy from your own Gossip in the Garden pattern or draw on paper. The section, of which you need 4 to make 1 star, measures 2 inch + seam allowance.

This is how I handle the grain of the fabric - you might want to do it differently, that is all up to you! :


Next - I fold the paper on the drawn line, to make the sewing easier:


Next - take the Star part from the cut apart paper above and use it as a drawing guide to draw around on the back side of the fabric you plan to use for your star.
Cut out the shape with scissors and a generous seam allowance:


My Sewline glue pencil is my best friend - but any water soluble glue stick can be used, as long as you use it with a light hand.
Glue the star fabric to the back side of your already folded paper section:


I then cut the seam allowances to the right width - 1/4" - with my Add-a-quarter ruler - any ruler with a 1/4" grid will do:


For the side of the star I cut strips, 1 3/4" - sew from the printed side of the paper, with a very short stitch.


Fold the background fabric out and repeat the seam on the other side of the section:



Cut the seam allowance to 1/4" on 2 sides, like shown below:


Sew 2 and 2 sections together and then join to a star, without taking the paper off - use pins where seams need to match.

Press well, remove paper, then cut the block to size!


Well done! Have fun!



  1. Thank you. I have never done a block this way. I guess it helps with bias edges.

  2. I love paper piecing little blocks like this.

  3. Tried googling Gossip in the Garden and all links take you to Anni Downs newest quilt...which is a beauty! haha Thanks for the tutorial...very sweet block!

  4. Great tutorial - thanks!

  5. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Thank you Hanne! I did it, please check your email

  6. thanks. I got my pattern today and your tutorial looks great. Got it from Tr├ądsnella:-)

  7. Gracias por el tutorial


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