Friday, May 08, 2015

I love my Ufos!


I love my Ufos so much that I have pulled out 5, to finish them, to love them more, as finishes :-)
That is my story, come rain or shine!

From left to right - a small Jane Stickle quilt - needs hand quilting
                           a stitchery from a wall hanging project that will not be done
                           a table cloth in process
                            My first stitchery - a small table topper maybe
                           a coin purse - needs the closing mechanism done + embellishment ?


As you see I have a stack of Ufos in boxes.
Ufos are like cold coffee - it tastes coffee, but it does not really hit the spot!

I like all my projects (I think), so I will rather finish a few and enjoy them as finished objects, to brighten my day in everyday use or as gifts, rather than as a stack of boxes.

My goal for the summer is to finish the 5 Ufos on the table above.

go with all your heart



  1. I like your analogy of the UFO's............very true! Good luck and enjoy the process.I hope you find a new love for the UFO's you might not love anymore.

  2. I'll join you with this :) Working on BIG projects now that still will take a long time to finish. And I need to work on something that I can see a finish coming soon :) :)

  3. i love your ufo! and i love my ufo too! I haved started in april and may a challenge to finish some projects old or new and it is very gratifying (? does make sense in english ?)
    I join you for the week end !

  4. you have many boxes! they are good for projects - like you I need to concentrate on a couple and finish and then do another - I am working on too many

  5. Hello Hanne! I hope your reach your goal and get them finished! :) x

  6. our never ending pile of ufos! good luck. i love the comparrison with old coffee

  7. I love that stitchery in the front. Why won't the blue one be finished? You do have a lot of UFOs, a few more than I have. I just finished hand quilting another little Civil War quilt today. 2 more to quilt now .


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