Thursday, July 09, 2015

One can never have to many


Especially in summer, one can never have to many pouches - for sewing tools, for toiletries, for computer cords and what not.
Making these was great fun - and I will make more :-)



Handles are always handy!


Yes, I am carpet bombing my blog with new posts today :-)

I am recognizing the worst enemy when it comes to my blogging, which is Tomorrow.
Tomorrow is often disturbed by this and that, like trips,  nice visits, being lost in Quilt Corner and having to deal with health issues and  life in general.
My new Tomorrow is Today :-)

Plan A motivation



  1. Must take the time to sit down and try making a little pouch. Thanks for sharing your pouches and inspiration.

  2. hello hanne,
    you are so right, they are so useful! specially with the clear window! have you a special pattern or do you make your own one ?
    have a nice evening
    Marie from france

  3. Så flott at du blogger litt igjen. Godt når det endelig er gjort.
    Fine punger/vesker du lager.

  4. I love your outlook on life! and your gorgeous pouches and as you say you can never have too many of them :) Barb.

  5. Cute pouches, I really like the windows. Great attitude, and I also agree with your earlier post where you said you're not making ufos any moe. Finished is often better than perfect.

  6. Marie - this is a pattern called What's In Your Bag - by Stitchin' Sisters

  7. what a good idea to have the windows so you can see without having to open them what you have stored in them

  8. You are so clever making different things. Those bags are lovely.

  9. thank you hanne for the answer!


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