Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hopes and dreams, threads and coffees

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Days have been flying, filled with family, friends, going to the gym, attending lovely Jen Kingwell classes, doing daily threads, finishing some Ufos, reading good books, drinking coffees.

I signed up 5 Ufos to one of my quilt guilds' summer challenge, finishing these 4.

It is a fact that too many Ufos do nothing good for my creativity - more like strangles it - so I am taking action in Quilt Corner these days, giving myself a 1 to 1 challenge through the next year, starting now.
For every project I start, I have to have a finish!

I know that most quilters can not work like that - I wonder if I can, I think I can :-)

I started by finishing the 5th Ufo from the challenge - a stitchery bought more than 25 years ago. It has been finished in a box for years. Now I can enjoy it on my kitchen table daily.



set goals



  1. Masse flotte prosjekter her! Jeg er imponert over alle UFO'ene du får gjort ferdig!

  2. This is one of a challenge! :O
    Very lovely finishes!
    Best wishes!

  3. I recognize those Dear Jane blocks.
    congratulations on so many finishes.
    it makes a lot of sense to finish 1 before beginning the next, but starting is so much more fun.

  4. Nit can be hard to be so disciplined because new projects are so much fun. But agree that it stifles creativity. Ufos add that little feeling of guilt which we can all do without. Good luck.

  5. Lovely finishes Hanne

  6. So many beautiful finishes. I love your cushion and that table topper. The quilting is lovely. Good to see you active.

  7. love the quilted and embroidered table mat and the pillow - the coin purse - lets just say I love all your work! hope you have been doing well

  8. Masse flott. Eg er imponert over Ufoslankinga:-)

  9. so many lovely things you have created here, fingers crossed you are able to start and finish as you have planned. I have quite a few flimsies that need finishing but the quilting is so hard for me. I keeping touch with what you are doing on instagram too

  10. Wat lovely to see! Wish you good luck with your plans!

  11. Lovely finishes Hanna, congratulations.
    I just love your resolution, has been mine since last year Summer. 2 for 1, 2 finish and 1 new one, a little success with 9 finishes and 6 starts, but that is just o.k.

  12. I have read your blog lately, starting right back at the beginning and really enjoy it. I love your 25-year old finish, especially the embroidery pattern. Good luck with your resolution, it sounds like a good one. :)


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