Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm having fun with handwork Ufos

2015-10-09 13.06.27

I feel a bit like a juggling artist, but I can assure you - never a dull moment here in Quilt Corner these days!
I am only working on my Ufos - which is great.

Some stitchery and English paper piecing - on the Cornelian quilt,

2015-10-09 13.42.09


Some cross stitching and crewel work - I really had forgot how slow cross stitching really is - but I do enjoy the process.



And finally - I un-knitted half a sock that did not fit, found myself a better pattern and am soon having a pair of nice fitting socks instead of a knitting-Ufo :-)




  1. I love that blue and white project you are doing. I have 3 unfinished counted cross stitches waiting for me to pick up again one day. Since I found stitcheries I haven't bothered. So may lovely things you are finishing and I so love the colours of your socks. I hope you are feeling well and shall catch up soon. Angel Hugs.

  2. I love that sock pattern, Hanne. All I knit are socks and always the same pattern.

    Can that pattern be purchased on line? I'd love to make a pair.

    You must feel so good tackling all your UFO's. They all look wonderful and will be a welcome addition to your home, I'm sure.

  3. I do like the hexies with the embroidery they work so well together and such pretty socks

  4. Cornelian is gorgeous in blue. Very satisfying to get some work done on ufos, and realise that we do still love them.

  5. Anonymous6:06 pm

    The blue embroidery blocks are lovely. The quilt will be beautiful. I don't knit anything more challenging than dish rags but those socks are going to be so pretty. Hope you have them done and can wear them at the retreat. Blessings, Gretchen

  6. Both your red cross stitch and the blue projects are gorgeous.


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