Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy busy in Quilt Corner

I am so enjoying my time in the Quilt Corner these days!
I am sorry I  have forgot to blog as I go, but I often think tomorrow, tomorrow......... I guess that is familiar to more people than me?

My Ufo / finishing challenge to myself has been like a blessing, it really has kept me focused and happy for the last month and a half and the challenge keeps on giving :-)

I am working on a few projects at a time and moving them forward, putting all the others to the side.

My daily thread in appliqué is Natures Journey by Anni Downs - above.
The light colours are inspiring to work with.

I am so happy my local shop owner also likes Anni Downs' design - I can not get enough of them!

I know starting many of the same thing, like the doilies above keeps some people focused - me not so much, if at all!
I started these 3 doilies before Christmas thinking they would make good Christmas gifts, or 1 for me and 2 for gifts.
As I guess you have figured out that did not work ........
The original pattern is from Helen Stubbings and I think it is very cute, but making 3 of the same continuously - not so much, again, so I found some other stitcheries to put in the middle of 2 of them.

Merging designers was a good thing too, and I had fun finishing these doilies at last.
The bird with the Norwegian text + the deer and heart is from the Norwegian company Northern Quilts. Wenche at Northern Quilts is now also designing fabrics for Moda - that's so cool!
Will you believe I found more of the prepped hexies in a box here, so by adding only a few, I can make purple doily no. 4 ??
It will not happen right away though ;-)

A pair of purple socks for my youngest daughter is done too :-)
She loves purple too, and was very happy to receive them.

So far, 1 new start in February and it is done from my hands, as someone else will do the machine quilting on this care quilt for children with cancer or other long term diseases.
I got this jellyroll as a gift some years back and I think it is pretty, and I hope it will make someone else happy too.
I will count this quilt top as a finish on my list.

I like Pay It Forward and I hope my passion for fabrics and quilting can brighten someone else's troubled life a little bit.

The quilters I am making care quilts with will meet again for a 2 day sew together in April. I plan to make at least 1 more quilt top from my fabric collection then.
By looking at this quilt top, I wonder if I shall sort of copy the colours - it looks good :-)

- Wishing you a wonderful day wherever you are -



  1. Så mange flotte prosjekter! Blir rent misunnelig, kose seg med sying å få slike resultat. Takk for inspirasjon😀

  2. I love your doilies! Such sweet stitcheries in my fav colour too. Love the socks. I have never knitted socks. It is fun making quilts for charity with other stitchers. Hope you are feeling well. Angel hugs.

  3. Så mye fint du viser! De små brikkene med sticheri og hexagon var bare kjempesøte. :-) Flott teppet til "tepper som varmer" også. Kjekt å bidra og glede noen som har det vanskelig. Ha en fin dag! :-)

  4. the doilies are so pretty an the applique is coming along so well. What a good way to use the jelly roll, I have a few stashed away somewhere.Good to see you back on your blog but keep up anyway with what you do on instagram

  5. It's nice to see what you have been doing, love the purple socks! Blessings, Gretchen

  6. Beautiful work, Hanne, as always! My daughter and granddaugher are purple fans, too.


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