Sunday, May 14, 2017

I promise again :-)

IMG_20170513_164037_432In the beginning of 2017 I promised myself to blog often - but due to some health issues and a lot of life getting in the way of both quilting and blogging, it did not happen.


In April I met my friend LuAnn in Shipshewana and we talked about our blogs and that we both would like to get back to blogging.

Our promise to each other is blogging at least once a month -
May Britt and Deb also talked about joining in.
I see that Deb has already started blogging - you are an inspiration!

I need to shrink my Ufo "collection" again - and I have picked these 4 Ufos to be finished first, the angel quilt being my Ufo focus project for the month of May.
I am tired of seeing it being stored in a box.
Life is to short to drown in Ufos!

plan a plan b

Stay safe and creative - wherever you are!



  1. Good work Hanne, I too should blog more and will also try to post more! We should all do a UFO challenge!

  2. Good to hear from you Hanne. Good luck completing your UFO's in May.

  3. good to see you back blogging, I am lazy with mine too but do check what everyone has done on theirs every day. Best of luck with your UFOs the angel looks so good and loving the quote about the alphabet

  4. Engelen din likte jeg veldig godt. Ja, den må du gjøre ferdig. Gleder meg til å se den. :-)

  5. so pleased to see your stitching and blogging.........


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