Saturday, May 20, 2017

One thread at a time


It is nothing I love better than quiet handwork.
Sometimes I listen to music on Spotify, sometimes I watch a movie on TV or on my computer, sometimes I spend time with friends, sometimes I enjoy quiet - the stitcheries are (almost) always with me.



This design is called Best Friends Forever, by Rosalie Dekker, and I bought the full BOM set at Kathrines Quilte Stue a while back.


Every time I travel to a retreat in Shipshewana I like to start a new hand work project, so I can sew my travel experiences into it - I think about my friends every time I see the project after I come home too.



"I still have 28 stitcheries to enjoy before this project is done - many hours of happy quiet work.



Wishing you a lovely weekend, wherever you are!



  1. lovely stitching to remind you of friends - glad to hear you enjoyed your retreat - I read on May's blog that her bag was lost for awhile - all that fabric :)

  2. lovely stitcheries............


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