Thursday, May 25, 2017

Paying It Forward and Giving Back


As I am refolding my fabric collection I see how much it is, and it is quite overwhelming really, taken in that I love to make tiny blocks and work by hand the very best.

As I have been folding like 1/4 of my stash over the last days - or maybe less than 1/4, I have not yet come across a piece of fabric that I do not love - that is always something :-)


Well - it is time for some serious action - I do not like to have this much fabrics.
It is all to much, as the professional organizer Peter Walsh would say.
There are some colours and fabrics that I do not love as much as others, but I love them nevertheless ;-)

I have always said that we shall support our local (quilt) stores, especially the independent ones.
My local quilt shop is closing shortly, like in about one month.
Marianne has chosen to find other work and I wish her the very best of luck!
She will still be in the business, so I know our paths will cross, but she will not be a shop owner and she will not be so local, but she will have more time to be with her loved ones and  take care of herself.
That is the most important things of all, we all know that!

I am grateful for the years she has run the shop - and I feel blessed to have had her only minutes from my home.
Marianne has always given the very best service and she will be missed!

The short distance to the shop has off course influenced on my fabric collection. It will be easier to keep on track with the fabric diet now that my nearest quilt shop will be further away from my Quilt Corner.
I will however miss very much to have a supplier of everything, like the latest Anni Downs patterns, needles, embroidery floss, batting and what not, close to my home.
Conclusion - I will not shop the closing sale for fabrics - I have what I need and then some!

How to shrink my fabric collection:

I will make more care quilts for children with cancer and other long term diseases.
I found this book in my book shelves - I have a nice collection of books too - I love my books as much as I love my fabrics :-)


I think this book is perfect for some stash reduction in fabrics for fronts, batting scraps and backing fabric.


My sewing has carried me through all kinds of days - through laughter and tears, through pain and through good days - you know sewing and fabrics are the very best pain killers, right?  :-)
Sometimes a good shopping spree combined with sewing has been the cure too!

I feel so blessed to be a quilter, and I feel so blessed that I can do something good for others too.

I know that the care quilts will be very well received, and I can not possibly make quilts for myself and my loved ones from all my fabrics, right ?
I like the thought of Paying It Forward to someone needing a hug!

I will share with you if/when I make fabric purchases through the rest of the year - I am making myself accountable :-)

Did I mention that my dear husband will love my shrinking of fabrics and batting scraps too? Not? ;-)


Stay creative,



  1. goodluck with your quilt making...........I think we all have to much fabric in out stash.........but for me it is best not to think to much about it........sad to hear your shop is closing.......

  2. You will miss your local shop but you're right, you won't buy so much fabric. I don't buy as much as I used to since Lolly's & Pumpkinvine don't have their show & tell days anymore. But I guess Lolly's is starting Moda club up again. I'll have to practice restraint! I enjoy reading your posts, thanks for blogging more.

  3. I have way too much fabric too and try to stay on a fabric diet - I do not have a local shop but got in the habit of buying fabric on line. I am making several quilts a year for charity, mainly for children and I need to do more of them to use up my fabric. If I stick with easy patterns I can do it. We do tend to gather up too much fabric because they are so pretty.

  4. I feel like I could have written this post. In January of this year I came to the same realization. I pledged in front of my quilt guild that I would spend six months making NICU quilts for the sick babies at a local hospital and pillow cases for children of battered women. My six months is up next month. So far I have made 20 quilts and 20 pillow cases and reduced my stash by 80 yards. I feel so good about this. You will too. Happy sewing!

  5. Agree...I spent the winter doing the same and have started making baby Quilts for the neo natal care unit of the hospital. I think it's great you and May are posting again...I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas 😊

  6. What a lovely idea to use your fabric to make quilts for sick children! I did something like that years ago for an organization called "Project Linus" which distributed quilts to children with cancer. I am inspired after reading your post!

  7. you certainly have plenty of fabric and wonder if you will be able to resist popping in the shop for the closing down sale I think I would have to have a peep. Good to know you will be making quilts for sick children they will be so well loved and appreciated. Have the book so will have a look through it whilst I sit in the sunshine this afternoon glorious weather here in the the UK at the moment.

  8. I must admit I am in the same business! Too much of all kind of fabrikcs. It is a good idea to make quilts for sick children to reduce the fabric stash. I am sad to here your quilt shop is closing.


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