Friday, June 16, 2017

30 days without added sugar - check!


My daughter Elisabeth started a 30 Days Without Added Sugar Challenge starting from May 18th, and I decided to join.
Today is day 30, and I am happy to say I did it!

We did No added sugar - like in all kinds of sugar, honey, syrup etc. - and no added sweetener, so all diet drinks, chewing gums etc. were also out.

I have been reading labels!
I guess you know that as good as all store bought salad dressings have sugar in them, but did you know that most potato chips and salty crackers have sugar in them too?

How did I "survive"?
I have not been craving to much, and I have eaten some fruit or berries every day, with no sugar, no custard or no ice cream.

I have made chia pudding every now and then - chia seeds and unsweetened coconut milk, topped with fresh fruit and berries.
The serving above is made by Elisabeth and served instead of cake at her house for Sunday coffee.


Unsweetened crepes with melon, nectarine and strawberries for dessert

20170531_160337Mixed fruit and berries - yummy

I have been to social gatherings, and done well -
at one time I took a small bowl of something that looked like fresh fruit, but it turned out it had sugar drizzled on. I could not leave the bowl without being rude, so -  Well - I ate it and enjoyed it, and did not lash myself for it - I just picked up and continued where I left, having no more sugary stuff after.

We had an exception for birthdays, and I have attended 1 birthday.
I tasted both the cakes in moderation, but boy were they sweet…… to sweet really….. and it gave me a very upset stomach during the night…..

30 days is not that much in the big picture, but I am determined to stay on a healthier diet from now on.
Fresh fruit and berries gives both sweet taste, vitamins and fibre - sugary sweets  gives sugar and a gazillion additives that can not be are not good for me!

The only thing I have really missed is my breakfast marmalade - so from tomorrow morning I will enjoy it again :-)

In my quest to be healthier I am as from today drinking 1,5 litres (51 fl. oz.) water every day for 30 days, hoping to make that a good habit too!

I do not drink fruit juice or soft drinks with sugar or sweeteners from before, and I do know that I need to hydrate more with water than what I already do!


TGIF - have a good one !



  1. Well done on the 30 days. Our son-in-law who lives with us, has cut sugar like this and it has made us all look at what we eat very carefully. It isn't easy at times though as sugar is added to everything!

  2. Well done hanne.......great effort and stick with less sugar whereever you can......besides water I also drink weak green tea (to dark is to strong and bitter for me) I also have a soda stream and make my own soda water which I hated until I added a slice of lemon..... Now I drink that everyday and love it even drink soda water without lemon to if I run out.... Had a mouthful of lemonade last night and it tasted like drinking sugar syrup yuk.......

  3. Anonymous11:50 pm

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  4. What a great way to start on a path to a different health rountine. I too am trying to limit extra sugar 😊

  5. Good for both you and your daughter. Have you lost any weight doing this?

  6. Love your post... it is encouraging... I'm only at the lowest step but have to make the chose of doing the challenge...

  7. I am impressed as added sugar seems to be in so many products these days. I never add sugar to anything myself but I still must be taking lots on board with what I eat don`t think I could have met this challenge

  8. Well done. I find that after about 2 weeks I didn't crave sugar at all.After a while I got away with 1 treat a week . However, once I introduced it a bit more the cravings returned. It is sooooo addictive. I am not supposed to have any sugar at all.

  9. I have been eating vegetarian, and moving towards vegan. Cutting sugar may be next, but one step at a time for me.


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