Sunday, June 11, 2017

Potholders - Grytelapper - tutorial

Over the years I have crocheted a lot of thick good cotton potholders.
I love them and use them in my kitchen all the time, and they make good gifts too.

I have decided to share my pattern with you, on request - it is fun and easy to crochet with a thick needle and double yarn.

The potholders are made with double cotton yarn and are double layers.
I prefer to decorate my potholders with buttons, which in my eyes lifts them from ordinary to Great, but that is optional :-)

Since I crochet with double yarn, I prefer this thickness of yarn:


My crochet hook of choice is no. 5

Here goes:

You need 2 balls of yarn for 1 pair of potholders.

Chain 28 stitches
Begin in the 4th stitch from your hook and double crochet 25 stitches, which gives you 26 stitches -  count the 3 chains in the beginning of the row as 1 stitch.
Every row starts with 3 chains - and then 25 double crochet = 26 stitches
Repeat until you have 12 rows.

Make 4 squares.

Layer 2  and 2 squares together and join them around the edge with single crochet stitch.

Row 1: I do 1 stitch in every stitch through both layers on the sides, and 2 stitches around every double crochet stitch on the top and the bottom edge.
In every corner I do 3 single crochet stitches in 1 stitch, to make the corner square.

Row 2: 1 single crochet 1 stitch in every stitch - 3 single crochet stitches in 1 stitch in the corners.
In the middle of the top I make a jump with 5 chain stitches - see photo - to make a hole for hanging the potholder.

Row 3: 1 single crochet stitch in every stitch - 3 single crochet stitches in 1 stitch the corners and 6 single stitches over the hanging loop from row 2.

Corner / Hjørne

Norsk - Norwegian

Du trenger 2 nøster garn til 1 par grytelapper.

Legg opp 28 luftmasker med dobbelt garn og heklekrok nr. 5

Begynn i 4. maske fra nålen og hekle 25 staver. Det gir deg 26 masker på raden når du teller med de første 3 luftmaskene.

Hekle 12 rader, ta av tråden og hekle 3 ruter til, så du har i alt 4 ruter

Legg 2 og 2 ruter sammen og hekle kant med fastmasker:

Rad 1: Hekle 1 fastmaske i hver maske, gjennom begge lagene,  i hver side på grytelappen og 2 fastmasker over hver stav langs kanten oppe og nede.
I hvert hjørne hekler du 3 fastmasker i 1 fastmaske for å få et fint hjørne.

Rad 2: Hekle 1 fastmaske i hver fastmaske + 3 fastmasker i 1 fastmaske i hjørnene. Midt på oppe hopper jeg over noen masker og lager 5 luftmasker til hempe.

Rad 3: Hekle 1 fastmaske i hver fastmaske fra forrige rad + 3 fastmaske i 1 fastmaske i hjørnene. Hekle 6 fastmasker  over hempen fra rad 2.


Loop / Hempe

Please keep in mind that this is my pattern and I enjoy sharing it with you.

You can make as many potholder as you like, to keep, to give away or to sell, adjusting the size if you so prefer
I will ask you kindly not to teach from my pattern and
not to copy it to your blog or website.
You are welcome to refer your friends to my blog to print their own pattern :-)

Vær så snill å huske at dette er mitt mønster og jeg liker å dele det med deg.
Jeg vil be deg å ikke  undervise fra mitt mønster og ikke kopiere det til din blogg eller webside.
Du må gjerne linke slik at dine venner kan printe selv :-)

Some colour ideas:



Have fun crocheting



  1. Alas, I don't crochet. Sometime I might try to make knitted hot pots based on your idea. Probably won't be as cute, but they'll work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tusen takk for mønsteret!

  3. Thankyou so much for sharing your pattern with us all. They really are beautiful and I love the cute buttons you have used. I will most certainly pass your blog details on to those who want the pattern.

  4. These look so good thanks for the pattern ❤️


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