Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When one door closes, another door opens


It is nice, cool and quite liberating how coming out of the closet as one who is re-organizing my whole sewing and crafting life ignites a new spark of the good creativity feeling.

Since I have decided to use from what I have in order to make more room around myself, I see what I have with new eyes.


It was so fun to finish the United Stitches quilt in August.
The 32 different stitcheries has been with me on travels near and far, and bring back happy memories.
I have another set of the pre-printed stitcheries - I wonder if I should make that set in another colour - but not just right now.


One way to make a dent in my fabric collection is to make more care quilts for children with cancer and other long term diseases through Tepper Som Varmer (Warming Quilts)
Not that 1 quilt top make that much of a dent - 1 quilt top equals 1 jelly roll - but the more quilt tops, the more dents!
3 green tops down so far :-)


I have been knitting from my yarn stash too - Monster socks for a small monster, age 3 years - and a pair for the monster's twin brother too :-)


Thanks from my heart for all the lovely comments on my previous post!

Take care - Hanne


  1. such pretty projects that you have and they are all really neat

  2. Maybe 1 donation quilt doesn't seem like a lot but if you are the person who receives that quilt, it means a lot. Sorry you've had such a hard recovery. Take it easy and don't overdo yourself with the downsizing. Blessings!

  3. Lovely work Hanne. I love your United stitches quilt and need to make mine up! Gorgeous slippers too.

  4. Those quilts are so lovely and I loooove those socks. Hope you are well.

  5. Lovely quilt!! And love the green quilt tops.

  6. Så mange fine produkter du har laget. Jeg likte spesielt godt United stitches quilt. Den er bare helt nydelig. Håper du lager en til, slik du har planer om. Gleder meg til å se! God bedring!


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