Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kitchen day


I feel very serious about making less waste, throwing away as little food as possible, and I have been serious about that for quite some time.

My fridge is therefore a source of stress right now, as said before, we did shop to much for Christmas.

So, onward ho - I need to use what I have, right now, before it goes bad.


Crock pots are relatively new in Norway.
I bought mine in 2017, and it is hands down my very best buy in the kitchen!

All vegetables chopped finely and given a little visit in the pan with olive oil, into the crock pot with tomatoes, cooked minced meat and spices.

The crock pot will do the rest, and the house smells good.
The pasta sauce will go in the freezer in meal sized boxes, for spaghetti dishes or lasagne.


I needed a batch of crackers, and thought as I still was in kitchen mood, I could try the recipe my sister in law just gave me.
They are different from the cracker breads I usually make, as these contains corn flour too.
They are perfect for serving with cheese, or just as a little mouthful when you feel like a little crunchy snack.

I see that most of the crackers you can buy in the stores have palm oil in them, and I do not want to contribute to that industry, as they cut down the rainforest.

I also believe that palm oil is not that healthy for us either, and combined with to much salt, as most store bought crackers and snacks have…..'nuff said…..


I think we are in for some proof tasting later!


Have a good day, wherever you are!



  1. Those crackers look delicious! Are they thin? How much time do you leave them in the oven, please??
    Thank you and Best wishes!

  2. A happy new year to you .I enjoyed reading your Christmas and post Christmas blog posts. I am also trying very hard to use up all food and throw as little away as possible. We have a recycling program here (Ontario, Canada) that recycles all good waste (peelings, bones etc) into a compost. I think we are fortunate to have this program too 😊

  3. Great idea using all your leftovers. I agree with you about the palm oil, palm sugar too. Canola oil is a bad oil but is in everything processed. You kitchen must smell divine.

  4. Good for you! I have become more conscious of what's in my food these days, too. I have enjoyed using up the leftovers from Christmas. Your plan looks great!! Happy New Year!

  5. Oh I love my slow cooler...... We have always had them in my family...... It was an essential when I got married and set up my own home...... I don't use it so much in summer but winter it is a good send......

  6. And I know they say brown stuff before you put it on but I am slack and mostly throw everything in the slow cooler and turn it on..... Everything chooks fine...... I coat red meat with floor and

  7. Comment box is playing up on my phone.......
    Red meat I toss in flour before throwing in the pot.......


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