Thursday, April 19, 2018

Big changes ahead


If I say this will be the last April ever in this Quilt Corner, I have given it away.

Yes, we, my dear husband and I, are moving, and the Quilt Corner has to be emptied very shortly (like in the next 3-4 days)  for the house viewings. When all my things are out of here, I consider them packed for the move.

Yes, there will be a new Quilt Corner, but not for like 5 months yet, as our new place to live requires a full renovation. The new Quilt Corner will have less space for storing, so I have to use more than I buy for a long long time!

No, we are not doing the renovation ourselves.

Yes, we are downscaling our living space with more than 50 %, from a house to an apartment. We like it!

Yes, we still have to many things, and we are working hard on downscaling our belongings, flinging, selling and donating, and we have to be fast, both for the house viewings here, and for the fact that is has to be done, and the time we have runs fast.

You may know how it is - when the right place to live (for you) appears, it all happens very super stressful fast, and everything else follows in the same speed. When we won the bidding we were both is shock for days. That's only 5 days ago, but we are starting to land on our feet again.

It will be a very good change - we are looking forward to the days when we can look back on these crazy days and laugh.


Wishing you a wonderful day,

wherever you are!



  1. Hanne, congratulations on a new home! Moving is exhausting, but so exciting. I hope you will love your new place!

  2. downsizing happens to most of us and when you find the right place you need to grab it. I hope you can get all done that you need to in time and not be too exhausted in the process. Looking forward in the months ahead to see your new sewing space

  3. Masse lykke til med rydde- og flytteprosessen! Hvor i verden skal dere?

  4. Bon courage, Hanne!
    Downscaling is surely a very good thing to do; I try to do it even without moving, but, well, it's not the same pressure of course - and I think, not the same results either... 🙄😬
    The saying at the end of your post says it all!
    Best wishes!

  5. Downsizing is difficult, but living with fewer things and less space to clean will save you space and free your energies for the important things. I wish you well during the process.

  6. Gratulerer med ny leilighet! Vi flyttet i fjor fra en stor enebolig til leilighet — og jeg må vel innrømme at det var en tøff opplevelse. Men vi kom gjennom det også, og nå angrer vi ikke på det. Det eneste er at jeg gjerne skulle hatt et eget syrom.......

  7. Oh, Hanne. I appreciate your great attitude for less space and fewer items in it. As quilters, we just always seem to want more of both. Bless you. You are an inspiration.

  8. Best wishes for the pack and the move

  9. Having moved frequently and up and downsized I can relate to your upcoming move. I wish you the best of luck!

  10. Good luck with the move. Hope all goes to plan.

  11. Good luck with your move, and best wishes for your new home :-)
    We went through the same process nearly 4 years ago, we are settled now in our new home, and I have my (much smaller) sewing space. No regrets!

  12. Congrats! I'm sending you wishes of a smooth and speedy transition! :-)

  13. Lykke til med nytt husvære. Vi har også sagt at nå er det på tide med noe mindre. Og jeg skjønner at det kan gå rasende fort når det rette dukker opp. Jeg får begynne å slanke lageret!

  14. All the best with the move. It is a stressful, but also exciting time.

  15. Hi Hanne. I've enjoy reading your blog and hope your move and renovation went well. As soon as you are settled, I hope you will be back to blogging. It has been 5 months and I keep checking in to see if you're back. Have a blessed day. Patty Mc

  16. Hello Hanne, Are you coming back to your blog? I miss your posts. Bev


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