Sunday, January 02, 2022

Taking Stonefield inventory

 After seeing Sylvia's gorgeous Stonefield top nearly done last night, 
I had to dig out my project box and take inventory.

I need to go through all the zip lock bags and see what I have done and what I have left to do.
These are the blocks from Month 1, all done.
The box has been closed since we started to sell our house in spring 2019. 
Now it feels like visiting with old friends. I am so grateful for the inspiration you gave me, Sylvia.

After spending time with many lovely quilters from around the world online,  both last night and this morning, my mind is bubbling, wanting to sew more 💗
Thank you Chookyblue for hosting the gathering on Zoom. 
It was so great to stitch and chat and put faces to the names. 

I have been fiddling around with my blog settings as I have not get any comment notifications. 
At least I have found out how to be able to respond to comments in the comment section. 
Whether I will get notifications on mails, time with show.

Take care and have a good day, wherever you are! 



  1. Your Stonefield blocks are so pretty! Maybe you can have the quilt top finished by January 2023? Happy stitching!

  2. Love the colours for stone fields..... So pleased you went and found it after we finished on zoom..... Can't wait to see your progress.....
    Wonderful to have you join zoom after so many years maybe 14-15 years of blogging it was wonderful to see you and chat on zoom.....

  3. Wonderful to “see” you again! Love your happy, inspiring blog! 😍

  4. Lovely to see you on Zoom. Love your Stonefields. Maybe 2022 will be the year for me to get mine made. :) Look forward to following your progress. Hugs, xx

  5. I am here Hanne and want you to know that I think of you every day. Love you, Val

  6. It was so lovely to "meet" you on zoom after all these years of following your blog...looking forward to seeing your Stonefields progress...having just caught up on your last few blog posts I hope 2022 is a better year for you and your family...

  7. Beautiful blocks!!! I hope you get to finish it this year!

  8. Good to get motivation from the Zoom meeting and lovely to "meet" you on Sunday.


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