Friday, February 18, 2022

Small stitches and great joys

There are so many things that can make a person happy 💗

I always feel happy in my sewing room, especially when I work with my hands, creating.
It does not have to be complicated - it just have to be something that sparks interest and with colours that sparks joy.

Hearts are always welcome, especially if I can use scraps. 

I started these hearts with my friend Deb about 2 years ago. They were put to the side here, after a while. I need more, many more, so I can make more of these 9-patches.  
Somewhere in my room I have more prepped hearts that I got from Deb. I wish they could make a little sound so I could find them easier 🙈
I think KonMari would roll her eyes here. Not that it is so very untidy, but it is pretty hard to find what I am looking for, every so often.
Maybe if I pretend to look for something else, and the hearts with reappear. It is not that long since I know I had that little zip lock bag in my hand 😄

Happy weekend to you!



  1. Love th hearts, very cute! Hope you find the baggie soon, happy stitching!

  2. das wird ein ganz wunderschönes teil, nicht mehr weitersuchen und plötzlich sind sie da
    lg elfriede

  3. Your little hearts are delightful, I hope you find some more soon.

  4. I love the hearts!!! I want to make something like that one day.

  5. Simple things always bring great joys ! Your patterns and projects are always so happy looking and inspiring, Hanne.
    Don't worry, you'll soon find your little hearts back :)
    Heartful thoughts,
    Nadine XOXO

  6. sewing always brings joy..........


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