Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Tomorrow is never a good plan (for me)

I have been lost from my blog for such a long time - I am sorry for that.

Life has interfered with online time - some vacation, some family time and some other things going on, and the old procrastination called Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I have got a date for a hospital stay today,  in a couple of weeks from today.
I can feel it lifted a heavy weight off of me. It will be good! I am prepping stitcheries for the time after.


I have scheduled a maintenance service for my sewing machine too.
It is needed, and it is nice that it can be done while I most likely will not need the machine.

I have been working away on my already started projects through the summer, like I planned earlier.


I have not counted my finishes yet - it has been a mix of older and newer projects.

The cushion above is a Kaffe Fassett design that I gifted myself for my birthday in April, and finished last week.  It has more than 26.000 stitches and it was very fun to do. It is wool thread on cotton aida. It looks good in my living room. Maybe I will do more embroidery of the same kind in the future.

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!



  1. I hope all goes well with your hospital stay and an swift recovery! Hand work is a great way to recuperate. Your pillow is lovely, happy stitching!

  2. A very bright and beautiful cushion. Hope all goes well with the hospital visit.

  3. Lovely cushion. Hope all goes well with the hospital visit.

  4. lovely cushion.......goodluck for the hospital visit........nice to see you in blogland........

  5. Best wishes for your hospital stay, Hanne. The pillow looks great, you are a fast stitcher.

  6. Lovely cushion, best wishes for your hospital stay


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