Friday, September 09, 2022


 I was looking through a shelf in my Quilt Corner and found a project that has been hidden in plain sight for a long time.

I can not remember when I started this, but I still love the blocks and the colours.

It makes me feel happy and grateful for being able to sew and having a lot of pretty fabrics, patterns and projects going on.

I need to move a focus project or two before picking up this project again 🙈😁💕



  1. very lucky I found my list of things I have to make........or things I had started...........OMG...........its pages long.......but I am grateful I have lots of gorgeous projects to make also............

  2. It looks lovely Hanne

  3. So pretty. Did each little envelope contain different fabrics?

  4. Pretty fabrics. Will be a beautiful quilt. I did mine in Halloween fabrics, maybe i should do another in fabrics like these, :)

  5. Anonymous10:43 am

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