Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Stitches and happiness ♥️


I have been so lucky! 
I had my shoulder repaired after a very bad fall, by the very best surgeon, in January 2019.
Friday 16th of this month I had the same luck. A very good surgeon. I had a hardware store of plate and 11 screws removed from the shoulder and it was a success again ♥️
The pain from the metal is gone and the healing process is going well.  I did not expect this much from the last surgery. I am so grateful!

I am enjoying hand sewing even more than before.
My sewing machine came home from its service this week. I do not feel up to using it just yet, but I will, shortly.

Doing a happy dance ♥️



  1. I am so glad the last surgery helped and you are pain free again! That's wonderful! Your blocks are lovely, the quilt is going to be beautiful, happy stitching!

  2. Good to know that you are healing well and feeling good. Your hexie blocks are very pretty.

  3. So glad to hear that you are healing& that the surgery went well. Pretty blocks

  4. Anonymous3:11 pm

    So happy for you!! The blocks are pretty! (Little Penpen)

  5. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Good news! Glad you are healing well. :-)

  6. Dear Hanne, so happy for you that all went well. Nice happy colors in your new blocks also.

  7. Anonymous6:51 pm

    so glad your surgery was a success and your body is healing. I love the EPP you are working on

  8. Anonymous3:56 am

    such happy little blocks hanne and good news for the shoulder...


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