Saturday, March 25, 2006

How not to make an Ufo

Me - the former Ufo Queen, now like to finish my abandoned projects within reasonable time, mostly ;o)

This pillow front was to be a part of a class, but I did not make it, as I did not like my original plan, or rather did not like the time pressure it gave me.

The class is now done, and the pillow front piece just was here, to no joy and no true bother either.

I am longing for spring, as most people, but we still have about 1 meter of snow outdoors as well as icy roads. The light is back though and early morning light does wonder, also to colour choices.

I have an urge to do something fast & fun, and found an applique pattern in Nancy Halvorsen's booklet Easy does it for spring.

So - Easter bunny it will be :o)

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