Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday progress

Progress is being made - one stitch at a time !
Now I am lacking the paws, the nose line and the eyes.
As you see, I am planning a scalloped button flap to the front,
as seen in the pattern Garden of Angels from Hatched and Patched.
I think it is a very sweet pattern, and I will make it as well - some day ;o)

To make the scalloped button flap fit I will add a little more fabric both on the upper and the lower edge, but as I see it, the overall look will gain from it.


  1. This is looking very good. A very nice piloow for this time of year. I have never tried anything like this.

  2. very cute bunny, Hanne!!! Love him:)

  3. I love your greens!! They're so delicate. The bunny is also cute.



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