Sunday, March 26, 2006

Meet Mr. Easter Bunny

This has not been my most productive day, but Mr. Easter Bunny is done, and that is good :o)
I do not like applique figures without eyes - they have no personality.

The eyes are made with paint, and for blusher I have stamp ink.
When it is completely dry I heat set it with my iron.

I like Easter Bunnies - I grew up with them, even if they are very un-Norwegian.
The Easter Bunny hid candy filled Easter eggs on Easter day - my sister and me had to seek for them through our apartment. They were usually hidden under pillows in the living room.

As a child I was also hunting for small chocolate eggs wrapped in coloured tin foil outdoors in the snow with our French neighbours.
Many nice memories - so, rather than chickens for Easter decorations I prefer the Easter Bunny.

I have found lovely spring-ish fabrics in my fabric collection to use for the scallop button flap and the back side.


  1. Mr. Bunny is is adorable and I am sure he is happy that you like bunnies better than chickens, and he is no doubt happy that bunnies don't lay eggs.

  2. Lovely bunny - your face is "great!" (I hope to find a nice traceable face for my cat projects... I am not very happy with what I do free hand.)


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