Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New week, new threads

Last week ended in a computer chaos.
In spite of updated virus check and fire wall,
a Trojan horse invaded my computer on Friday.
According to our computer wiz, DD1's boyfriend,
this Trojan is quite new and nasty.
The same boyfriend very nicely cleaned my computer -
yes, he is a keeper :o)

Sewing wise I have worked on the heart quilt and now it is ready to get binding,
and I have also done more on the embroidery.
If I could have kept my embroidery plan it would have been done today,
but as you understand - it is not !
As I also have another embroidery with a deadline,
due to a birthday coming up in April,
I will have to structure myself on this one, asap ! ;o)
I must admit that I enjoy patchwork
10 times more than embroidery.
If I can combine the two, that is good as well.

It must be spring, even under that meter of snow - my head is boiling with new ideas,
and I hope to find some more time to sew more soon.
I wish one could have a time account, depositing and draw from it at need -
that would really have been something !
I have just started a project in my head - with scrap strips and the TriRec ruler.
Have thought about it for several days,
and I think I will make a test block tomorrow.

This week I am teaching 3 evenings,
and it takes time.
The calendar is full through the whole week -
the weekend also being busy with visit and the Norwegian Quilt Association's
annual meeting - show and all, taking place only 15 minutes from my home.
I will go there to look and absorb - talk and enjoy,
but not to shop much.

My trick before going such places it to shop in my book shelf and in my fabrics first,
to feel the (over)abundance
It is like shopping food when you are full -
quite sober ;o)

And now - a thread of embroidery perhaps ?
or -
maybe a sneak start on a TriRec block ?

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  1. cute little pile of scraps - I only mention it becasue some of those grasshoppers are in my I SPY quilt!


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