Saturday, March 18, 2006

In a bad stream blog wise

First the trojan last weekend,
then my DD1 infecting me with trojan/virus while using my printer on Monday,
and finally my camera dying a violent death this afternoon.

The trojan last weekend was removed successfully,
but DD2's computer was infected by this and that too,
and she had not paid attention to Norton Security,
so when she used my printer trough the network
I got re-infected with the lot.
DH and I decided it was time to re-format the computer,
and as said, so done.
I am still working on re-installing programs and files.
I has backups, so it is just a matter of time ! :o)

The camera died a violent death when I tripped in a mat on a quilt show this afternoon,
and fell on it.
It did not help much I am not very heavy -
appearantly to heavy for my camera........
The zoom lense is stuck in a non working position - drat !!
I will look into if my insurance will cover it on Monday.
If not I have to look into what can be done and to what price,
and if it is not worth it money wise,
I can promise you - and myself -
a new camera will be bought before long !
Until then I will use my old camera,
which has no zoom and a very poor flash.

What is next ?
All things, good and bad, comes in streams, do they not ?

Sewing wise I have got several threads done,
so as soon as I have re-installed the drivers for the camera card driver,
I have some photos to show :o)

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  1. Sorry to hear of all your mishaps this week, but glad to see your post. Look up, things will get brighter.


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