Thursday, March 23, 2006

Old finishes and new beginnings

The Dear Jane embroidery is done,
and it amazes me to see how similar my full quilt looks to the embroidery.
Must be the colour taste of the maker :o)
Both are made from stash
and both were fun to make.
You can read more about the quilt at
The embroidery chart is made by Linda Myers and bought at
It was nice to buy just the chart so I could use my own colours,
and could have more than one chart sent for a reasonable price.
In Norway we can not get the quilt related embroideries,
nor buy just a chart,
so for me discovering these was great.
I must admit that stitchery is closer to my heart than x-stitches right now.
My eyes are not what they were and I need better light than before to count the fabric.
It is also a limit to how much can be hung on my walls.
I am contemplating making pillows from some of my unmounted embroideries from years back.
A patchwork border can make them sing again.
Embroideries can also be mounted on lids of fabric boxes.
Oh dear - who pushed that button ?? - my brain is heating ;o)

The quilt is 80" square and have 5170 pieces,
169 blocks, 52 pieced triangles, 4 corners,
started August 18, 2000 and finished December 23, 2005.
I named my quilt Through laughter and tears,
and it has been my companion through both.

The embroidery is only a 16" square - stitches not counted ;o)

Since Sunday my old camera has been declared officially dead,
and a new one is bought - no insurance involved.
My new friend is an Olympus mju 600 - 6,0 megapixel.
I think we will be good friends,
as it is user friendly and take good photos, not requiring much light editing like my old Samsung.
It is nice to document what I am up to.


  1. Beautiful! I like both of these pieces. It is interesting to see everyones Dear Jane quilts and how different they look according to fabric used. Yours is beautiful.

  2. How beautiful ! Its a true work of art.

  3. Jeg imponeres fortsatt av dette teppet ditt, - og vil nok alltid gjøre det!

    Godt å finne deg på blogger :-)
    Kan jeg linke til deg?

    Gratulerer med nytt kamera også, - Olympus (litt misunnenelig her...)

  4. Hanne- Your DJ is beautiful and love the stitchery too. I plan to do some reproduction embroidery samplers this year and some redwork, has been a while since I've used a needle for anything other than hand piecing and applique on the DJ blocks!

  5. Hanne, WOW! This is a great DJ quilt. I like the idea of using the cream for the triangles instead of the colored fabrics.
    I've seen a stitchery pattern, but since the fabric one is taking so long, there is no way I could start up a stitchery one!


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