Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring fever

Spring fever - and a bad case of it, by the looks of it !

Spring season teaching is over,
and the plan was to go to Shipshewana, Indiana, USA, for a Dear Jane retreat in April, combined with a visit at a friend's in Canada.
Well - life happened only to much, and the trip is cancelled since months back.
As teaching is booked long time in advance the rest of this spring is me-time,
which is not bad either, all things considered.

These last days I have been in Sort, File & Fling mode,
so all class papers are back in binders, and a lot of should-have-dones and have-promised-to-dos are done.
It is claimed that the postal system has less earnings from people using the internet and email.
I am not responsible !!
I have used hundreds of Norwegian Krones (100 NOK = approx 15 USD) to mail stuff both abroad and domestic over the last couple of days - and internet and online friends are "responsible" for most of it ;-)
I have mailed gifts, letters, cards around the world,
re-installed programs on my computer,
sorted, filed and flung papers from my combined desk and sewing table,
written a lot, both on paper and on computer.
The goal is to make room for Me,
to organize room on my table and in my head to enjoy creativity without the load and overload of should-have-dones, could-have-dones etc.

It must be spring fever - the brain getting more daylight - remember, I am living in a cold country with short winter daylight hours.
We still have approx. 1 meter of snow in our garden and by the looks of it grass is a long time away. We have a saying here that goes like this: If the ice carries a grown man by St. Hans ( June 24.) it will be a late spring ;-)

I am naming and claiming my project for this weekend:
The string quilt you see above and
the Easter bunny pillow

The string quilt is inspired by Bonnie Hunter, and my blocks are 10".
I have been using a lot of those scrap strips that do not look like much - left over binding strips, odd pieces of this and that + +
A friend of mine, who saw these blocks in progress and thought they were really ugly was amazed by the final result.
In the process I flung a lot of small pieces of busy prints I can not be bothered to use.
Rest assured - I have more - a lot more !
Scrap quilts are nice and I can do them for a long long time yet.
A lot of my scraps are very small strips too - 3/4", 1", 1,5",
so I am exercising flinging some of the more short pieces.
I used to save everything, always , like I would starve if I did not........
Well - I am not starved and I am far from out of scraps !

My DD1, 17, is not home this weekend, DD2, 14, going on 25, is busy at a flea market for her choir and DH is going to have fun with his friends tomorrow afternoon and early evening,
so I have the weekend more or less to myself - which is excellent if you ask me :-)
I hope I can piece a backing fast and easy, before DH goes out tomorrow,
so I can get help to get the quilt sandwich together before he leaves.
He is very good at helping me sandwich a quilt - a real keeper !

I have fabrics - 1/3 meters mostly, from the Debbie Mumm "age" some years back.
I am more than happy to use those busy novelty prints as quilt backings !
It sort of adds to a scrap quilt's "value" as well - like a double sided quilt :-)

It is late - midnight (even if I can see blogspot is not up to our new summer time yet) - and I better call it a day to make a day's worth of sewing tomorrow !

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  1. Hi Hanne,
    Looks like you will have some quilting time on Saturday. I am called to work at the last minute!
    The strings quilt is amazing:) Have fun.


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