Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spools of thread later

My strip quilt is machine quilted,
and it is ready for binding in the morning.

Here you see the back side, using fabrics from years back.
Remember when Debbie Mumm prints was the hot fabrics ?
At least they were here in Norway 7-8-9 years ago.
Country colours was in style and we all had our living rooms painted yellow.
Curtains had valances, ruffles and tied bows and pine furniture was hot.

I am using these fabrics now for care quilts that I give away.
It is a shame really, the fabrics did not get used when I thought they were looking very nice.
It is good to use them now anyway :-)
DH, who is working in Norway's biggest hospital, Rikshospitalet, as an electrician, told me this morning he had seen children in the hospital carrying their care quilts.
It is a good incentive to keep on making care quilts for children with serious illnesses !

I am learning a lesson when I am doing these care quilts,
using from my fabric collection:
Use the fabrics when they are new and fresh,
and do not buy for storing !!
It is like reading yesterday's paper - not so new news ;-)

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  1. I like the back, could be a quilt in itself. I agree with the fabric statement. I fabric we can't leave without today maybe the fabric we wonder what we were thinking tomorrow. Have a great day.


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