Sunday, April 30, 2006

Busy as a bee...........

but not very much to show for it - an I am sure you know how it is ?

Therefore I am setting my goals high for today, and I am setting 4 goals:
  • Work on DD2's quilt. So far I have done HST units for the first half of the first 8 blocks, and am happy with it. It is all that needs to be done today.
  • Make 4 Dear Jane blocks. 2 to trade with a friend, 2 to keep - I am working on it as we speak. It will be my April blocks. It is still April for 8 hours and 10 minutes....... ;-)
  • Do a thread on applique block # 1 from Quilt University - listed in May goals
  • Start applique block # 2 from Quilt University - also listed in May goals. I am procrastinating big time, and it is self torture ! I don't like self torture and am working on not thinking that way anymore.

I will upload some photos later today.


  1. I like a daily to do list, or goal list myself. good job on making progress on yours.

  2. Go, Hanne, go! Look forward to the pics later then.


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