Friday, April 28, 2006

Finishes :-)

This quilt looks better than I thought it would, and I am very happy about it :-)
I hope it will give comfort to it's new owner when I give it away to Warming Quilts (Tepper som varmer), Norwegian Quilt Assosiation.

It is not the last time I have made Bento Boxes,
and I think they will look good very scrappy as well, for example with alternating 2 colours like this quilt, but with many scrap strips, various widths.
To enhance the pattern I can mix in a third colour.
I make blue and red blocks and mix in some yellow, to enhance the square. Hmmm - something to think about :-)
Over the years I have often started a second quilt with the same pattern at once,
only to find that I get bored and am making an Ufo instead of a quilt # 2.
If I wait to make the second quilt it is much more fun and I will see it through.
I guess many are experiencing the same.

The backing is made from all the little pieces and left over pieces of purple from my aunt's fabric collection, pluss a couple of my own.
As you can see, this quilt is quilted in sections.

I have also finished a name sign I have promised to make a while back.
Toril's name sign is in the mail as we speak.
The other one is mine, and I have a blue like Toril's too, as you see.
I pick the one matching my clothes the best when using them.
These stars are machine embroidered on linen, and finished like a small quilt, with hand quilting around the block.

In my guild we are encouraged to wear name signs so we can learn names and get to know each other better. It works well :-)
Sometimes we also get a raffle ticket at the door if we wear a name sign, and a special little gift is drawn.


  1. the quilt turned out very well--hard to go wrong with those colors, in my opinion! Way to go too, on the stashbusting--your own and what was shared with your from your aunt.

    I am enjoying your small stpes and daily threads seeing your progress. I know we put some of that stuff in the sidebar to keep track of things but it is fun to see that another UFO is done and another crossed off the list.

  2. wow Hanne! The bento boxes look rgeat and I love the quilt as you go. You have made up my mind about my dd's quilt! and the name signs are really adorable! Great finishes!

  3. Anonymous11:15 pm

    The bento boxes look amazing! The back is wonderful as well!

  4. What a lovely quilt! I guess the receiving child will be a happy one when he/she can sleep under this quilt. Why don't you share the story about "Tepper som varmer" with the non-Norwegian readers?


  5. WOW< this turned out nice. I have been waiting for the finished quilt and must say I am not disappointed. What a great quilt. I might have to try one myself. Thanks Hanne.

  6. Hanne,
    LOVE THE QUILT!!!! It's great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your name signs are wonderful! You must have an embroidery machine, right? We wear them at our guild too. Each month there is a drawing for one of our pins for that year, and if your name is drawn you must be wearing your name tag in order to win.

    Your Bento Boxes quilt turned out beautifully. I'm amazed at how three dimensional it looks. I know someone will be thrilled to receive it.

  8. Those are the cutest little name tags - gives me a good idea on what to do with some of my tiny little cross stitch designs!

    I like your Bento Boxes - the back is really neat too!



  9. This latest finish is a nice one indeed! Great job of adding additional colors. And I have that same problem...I like a quilt pattern so much I start it some other color, and then don't finish it.
    Love the name tag too!

  10. I love that quilt! Such lovely colors and a great 3D look. The name tags are adorable, as well!

  11. Nice name badges! & I also like the charity quilt! - Nice colors!

  12. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Quilten ble lekker! Å quilte i seksjoner er jammen meg smart. Har ikke prøvd det selv, men det skal testes ut på neste teppe!
    Lekre små skilt du har lagt også! Nydelig arbeid!!

  13. I like the bento box - I agree it would also look good in scraps. This is definitely a quilt I want to make.


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