Monday, April 03, 2006

A cold Monday

It was a cold and foggy Monday and she felt the cold creeping down her spine......

No, this is not the start of a crime story ;-)
It is my Monday, here and now - and me, who usually like Mondays,
having the house to myself, like white paper and new crayons and new possibilities.

It is snowing again, as if the meter of snow we already have is not enough.

I have had my cup of tea, and I am wearing my wonderful comfort socks - it helps :-)
They are knitted by a dear friend, and are lovely and soft !

To get me started I have picked 4 projects that will get my attention this week.

Miniature Churn Dash quilt - needs quilting and binding - will be done by machine.
Mr. Easter Bunny pillow - I need some more brain cells to figure out the pattern on how to do the button flap and join the pillow. Any brain cells available out there ?
DD1's abandoned Eyore embroidery - I want to get it done, but it is booooring. Long rows of the same colour. I am sure it will look cute with the other embroideries as a pillow front though - Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and some flowers + patchwork border.
Bento Box blocks - I like these very much - they will be my comfort snacks when I have done my daily thread on the above projects.

Now it is time to start doing something - first exercise and physiotherapy - later, sewing.


  1. sounds like a good rotation of quilting for me today-boring paper work for doing taxes!

  2. I like the socks. I am excited to see the completed projects, especially the bento boxes.


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